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Salt Lake City Bookkeeping Blog

I Need A Better Bookkeeper

Posted by Matt Roberge on Mar 28, 2018 9:00:00 AM

I hear it all the time from new prospects of our bookkeeping service: "I need a better bookkeeper."

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Outsourced Bookkeeping Will Get You Laid In 2015

Posted by Joe Mazur on Jan 27, 2015 7:30:00 AM

At first glance, you might think this title is a joke or a sad attempt to lure you in under the 'sex sells' marketing mantra.  There is actually a lot of truth to this title, especially given some of the bookkeeping scenarios our team has come across the past several months. Now, saying 'laid' might be a bit of a stretch but it can lead to a renewed energy within your relationship, or change the path it is on.

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Wish Your Small Business Bookkeeping Could Be Better?

Posted by Matt Roberge on Oct 13, 2014 7:00:00 AM

Small business owners often tell me they wish their bookkeeping could be better. When you mention the word bookkeeping to a small business owner you quite often see a cringe of pain on their face. For one reason or another most people just flat out hate bookkeeping. Many business owners think their bookkeeping is a waste of time and money. Then there are those business owners that enjoy their bookkeeping. Not so much the act of bookkeeping but the end result it provides their business. If you wish your bookkeeping could be better here are a few common problems and what to do about them.

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