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Salt Lake City Bookkeeping Blog

Wish Your Small Business Bookkeeping Could Be Better?

Posted by Matt Roberge on Oct 13, 2014 7:00:00 AM

Small business owners often tell me they wish their bookkeeping could be better. When you mention the word bookkeeping to a small business owner you quite often see a cringe of pain on their face. For one reason or another most people just flat out hate bookkeeping. Many business owners think their bookkeeping is a waste of time and money. Then there are those business owners that enjoy their bookkeeping. Not so much the act of bookkeeping but the end result it provides their business. If you wish your bookkeeping could be better here are a few common problems and what to do about them.

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The Power of a Good Small Business Consultant

Posted by Matt Frisbie on Oct 6, 2014 7:00:00 AM

As a consultant myself I understand the level of expertise you can bring to those who are in need of your services. We perform marketing services and strategy for many small businesses and what I see in almost every situation is the enormous weight we lift off of the shoulders of our clients. At our agency, Chief MO, we market for the brave. Essentially, we market for those who are ready to make significant change in their business. We build short and long term marketing strategies and then execute upon them. We create insane focus for our clients which not only keeps their eye on the ball, it makes them great at it. 

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Evaluating Bookkeeping Companies And Your Needs

Posted by Matt Roberge on Nov 9, 2012 7:57:00 AM

Evaluating the needs of your company is the number one thing that needs to be done before you can begin to
evaluate  bookkeeping companies and the services they provide. Matching what you need to the bookkeeping company that can best give your company all the services it requires. If you know exactly what you need before you start looking you will be able to clearly evaluate services.

Some items to consider when evaluating business bookkeeping companies:

  • Flexibility

  • Expertise

  • Turnaround

  • Technology

  • Reduced Paperwork

  • Confidentiality

When assessing flexibility, think of your business and consider how quickly the bookkeeping service can get you all of the information you may need. Do they have the personnel in place and trained to do your work as well as the work load they all ready have?

The expertise of the staff is very important. Does the bookkeeping service have qualified and dedicated personnel who know what needs to be done for your business? Do they have any similar businesses that they are providing services for now?

Fast and timely turn around is imperative so that your business can meet deadlines and have any forms filed with tax authorities in a timely manner. Providing a quick turn around of your information keeps you informed of where your business stands at all times.
A bookkeeping service that has up to date technology that they are familiar with will best suit your business. If the service does some similar small businesses it is a good indication that they have the necessary software to do yours.

When a business uses a bookkeeping service it should reduce the amount of paperwork your office needs to generate. This can be a saving in cost and in storage space. All businesses need to be able to conduct their business without worrying about confidentiality. This can be a great reason to consider using a service in the first place. You will not have to worry about employees discussing financial matters outside of the office or even having financial matters becoming office gossip.

Before you can evaluate a bookkeeping service for your business an understanding of the needs of your business need to be listed and evaluated. Once that list has all the details of what you expect and require from the bookkeeping service the evaluations can begin. Are you clear in your mind what your business requires from a bookkeeping service?  




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Daily Deals: Will They Benefit Or Hurt Your Business

Posted by Joe Mazur on Oct 15, 2012 8:11:00 AM

Daily Deals have grown tremendously in the past few years.  With this growth, it has changed the landscape of e-commerce.  Almost every website that offers items for sale now has a subsidiary that handles daily deals.  Before you blindly jump into this, there are a few things you are going to want to consider for the better of both your sanity and your business.

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5 Ways Monthly Accounting Reconciliation Will Benefit Your Business

Posted by Matt Roberge on Sep 10, 2012 6:59:00 AM

Most business accountants are frustrated to know that at any given time, a company’s banking and financial accounts will show a different balance than the ones that are on record. Accounting reconciliation is a way to keep the balances in sync.

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5 Critical Business Bookkeeping Processes

Posted by Matt Roberge on Aug 11, 2012 8:16:00 AM

One of the most important parts of any business – regardless of how large or small – is its finances. Keeping up with all income and expenditures not only provides a company with a quantifiable measure of their success, but it also keeps businesses from making mistakes in their taxes, which can cost you dearly. Business bookkeeping is no easy task, but it’s critical to the existence of your company. Here are 5 of the most important bookkeeping processes:

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We Are A Bookkeeping Business You Can Rely On

Posted by Matt Roberge on Jul 21, 2012 7:19:00 AM

When it comes to running a business, all of the pieces that make a business successful need to be fully functioning and working. That especially applies to bookkeeping, since some of your most important records are being attended to and need to stay organized to keep you sane and able to focus on making sure the business is running smoothly and profitably. You shouldn't have to do the bookkeeping all by yourself late at night, or having your staff do the bookkeeping when they already have so much to do already. And what happens if you or one of your employees does the bookkeeping wrong? You won't be in that situation with a reliable bookkeeping business!

Tons of businesses, small or large,have outsourced bookkeeping to a bookkeeping business that have certified people to make sure important documents like taxes and employee records are kept organized, safe, and are easily accessible in case of any emergencies. It shouldn't matter if your office has gone paperless or not, too! A bookkeeper will always make sure your business is organized, and that's where Salt Lake City Bookkeeping comes into play. We will keep you organized and let you focus on the big stuff, or that next golf game.

Why choose SLC Bookkeeping? Give this list a try:

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Does Your Office Manager Need Bookkeeping Training?

Posted by Matt Roberge on Jun 26, 2012 8:06:00 AM

You've got yourself a savvy office manager who keeps everything running smoothly. Work gets done and your business is doing very well, but, there is one hang-up with the office manager: he or she isn't trained as well in bookkeeping as you'd like them to be. No worries, bookkeeping isn't exactly something dedicated to be taught and it only takes practice and experience in training courses to get better. So, if your office manager needs some bookkeeping training, don't fret, Salt Lake City Bookkeeping has got you covered.

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Construction Industry Bookkeeping; Salt Lake City Experts

Posted by Matt Roberge on May 19, 2012 9:30:00 AM

The construction industry is very labor intensive. The company owners and managers will spend most of their time in the field undertaking or supervising construction jobs. Or, they may be outsourcing for building materials.  There is very little time spent at the office yet the bookkeeping has to be done. Our construction industry bookkeeping specialist team provides complete and convenient solutions.

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Finding The Right Bookkeeping Services In Utah

Posted by Matt Roberge on Apr 12, 2012 8:49:00 AM

What are the key questions to ask when looking for bookkeeping services in Utah? Finding the right bookkeeping service for your business is critical. There are three important questions to ask. Remember, getting off to the right start requires action on both your part and on that of the Utah bookkeeping services.
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