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Wish Your Small Business Bookkeeping Could Be Better?

Posted by Matt Roberge on Oct 13, 2014 7:00:00 AM

Small business owners often tell me they wish their bookkeeping could be better. When you mention the word bookkeeping to a small business owner you quite often see a cringe of pain on their face. For one reason or another most people just flat out hate bookkeeping. Many business owners think their bookkeeping is a waste of time and money. Then there are those business owners that enjoy their bookkeeping. Not so much the act of bookkeeping but the end result it provides their business. If you wish your bookkeeping could be better here are a few common problems and what to do about them.

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More Benefits Of Outsourced Bookkeeping In SLC

Posted by Matt Roberge on Jan 3, 2014 7:00:00 AM

We have written a lot of articles about outsourced bookkeeping and have compiled an eBook titled 10 Reasons Your Business Should Outsource Its Bookkeeping.  Outsourced bookkeeping is what we do so obviously we talk about it a lot.  When you outsource your bookkeeping you should make more money.  You should delegate and outsource those tasks that are not your strengths and focus on what you are good at.  If you are not good at selling the service or product that you offer then you might be in the wrong business.  As we continue to work with new clients we are always identifying new benefits to outsourcing your bookkeeping.   

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Remote Bookkeeping Made Easy

Posted by Joe Mazur on Jul 8, 2013 7:00:00 AM

Most small business owners wait to hire a bookkeeper until they have enough work to fill a full time 40 hour work week schedule.  This can be a dangerous game since bookkeeping is a very important piece of any small business
trying to get started.  Luckily, for the small business owner, Salt Lake City Bookkeeping has made remote bookkeeping easy.  Understanding how SLC Bookkeeping utilizes technology to make virtual bookkeeping a painless process also explains an answer to a question we get all the time "What kind of businesses do you work with?"  Everyone we work with understands that we are always available remotely.  If something is needed first thing Monday morning and its requested Friday evening, we will get it done.  This is all possible because we are set up to access programs anywhere with internet access.

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How Does Outsourced Bookkeeping At SLC Bookkeeping Work?

Posted by Matt Roberge on May 1, 2013 7:30:00 AM

New clients of our outsourced bookkeeping services typically have two main questions: how does it work and how much does it cost? The answer to both questions is not simple, nor predetermined.  Every client's needs are different as is their bookkeeping system.  Therefore, the way our outsourced bookkeeping services work and the price fluctuates with each client.  In order to tell a new client how our bookkeeping services work and how much it will cost them depends on a series of questions and answers.  Here are the highlights of how our outsourced bookkeeping services work.

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QuickBooks Help In Salt Lake City

Posted by Joe Mazur on Feb 8, 2013 7:00:00 AM

As a small business, you may not need a full time bookkeeper.  If you are a very small business owner, you may not even need a bookkeeper at all.  Northern Utah offers a variety of business opportunities and depending on your business' size, the perfect solution could just be QuickBooks help in Salt Lake City.  In the early stages of business growth, most CFOs, sales coaches, investors, etc. would suggest keeping costs as low as possible and work on growth.  Bootstrapping is a term you hear thrown around more and more these days and I couldn't agree more.  Keep costs to a minimum and put your head down and work. There are plenty of ways to do this; read a book, read a blog, or maybe ask for help.  Getting your bookkeeping system set up right the first time is much wiser and cheaper than waiting until it unravels and then working backwards to fix it.  QuickBooks is an easy program to use and usually the best option for the entrepreneur that's just getting started.  It's better than using Excel to track income and expenses and much more analytical than Quicken.


Stress And Time 

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Outsource Your Bookkeeping Services To Us To Prevent Theft

Posted by Joe Mazur on Dec 24, 2012 7:55:00 AM

Not sure why, maybe I'm naive, but I'm always stunned when I hear of a bookkeeper or treasurer stealing money from the firm they are working for or volunteering for.  Without the proper checks and balances put in place, your bookkeeping system could be set up to allow for theft and pilferage, and it could be happening right in front of you.  In the past few weeks, I've come across a few different stories of businesses and non-profits getting taken for a ride.  One story came from my hometown in upstate New York and the other from where I currently reside, which is here in Utah.   I feel situations like these can be avoided if the proper time and effort is put into building a strong bookkeeping system and utilizing the checks and balances that are associated with this.  As a business owner or manager, you want to be able to whole heartedly trust the person managing your money and you want to be able to identify areas where money can disappear.  If you don't, then you might want to take the necessary steps in changing that.

Empower Your Bookkeeper

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Holding Everyone Accountable In Your Small Business

Posted by Joe Mazur on Nov 30, 2012 8:21:00 AM

Being a manager for a small business can sometimes feel like you are sitting in the captain's chair.  Holding everyone accountable in your small business can have some adverse results if handled incorrectly.  Will your ship crash if you take your hands off the controls?  Being bookkeepers, we get to see a lot of different businesses practices from working on such a wide variety of industries.  The reoccurring theme we usually see from both our clients and from our own books is holding everyone accountable.  I'm talking yourself, employees, vendors, and sometimes your customers.  With these areas held to the highest standards, you are really setting yourself up for success.  You are able to accurately grow, obtain short term and long term goals, and predict the future for your business.

Holding Vendors Accountable

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Outsource Your Bookkeeping And Still Control Your Business Finances

Posted by Matt Roberge on Oct 1, 2012 7:47:00 AM

I think many business owners are hesitant to outsource their businesses bookkeeping because they are worried about losing control of the financial aspect of their business.  It is a legitimate concern.  All along you have been handling the bookkeeping yourself.  You know what is going on and you are intimately involved with the financial aspect of your business.  However, you have hit the crossroads and you are too busy to continue to put the time into growing your business and still maintain the bookkeeping.  You think outsourcing your bookkeeping might be the solution you are looking for, but you have concerns.  Let me tell you how to outsource your bookkeeping and have it be a positive move instead of a hesitant move.

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Outsourcing Bookkeeping Will Take Pressure Off Your Office Manager

Posted by Matt Roberge on Jul 28, 2012 8:25:00 AM

There are an amazing amount of advantages to outsourcing bookkeeping for your business! Not only are there the obvious benefits such as having things done on time and without error, but it will also often take a tremendous amount of pressure off your office manager, or whoever happens to be in charge of the financial department, and perhaps that may even be you?

As making money is the main reason that most companies are even operating in the first place, it should always be a high-priority to have the financial aspects of your organization in impeccable order. However, this is of course easier said than done and that's where outsourcing bookkeeping comes into the economic picture. A certified consultant that's been extensively educated in accounting has the ability and the tools to manage the financial records for your business.

Once you or your company has found somebody that they can trust to tend to these affairs, it's one less thing to have to be constantly concerned with. Therefore, outsourced bookkeeping can be an extremely effective as well as economical approach, because it will provide almost immediate relief and reassurance that these things are being addressed in the most professional way possible and usually at a fair rate.  Also, an outsourced agent can often offer access to their resources in addition to their ongoing advice.   

Remember, the biggest benefit to outsourced accounting is that it will allow you and your employees to concentrate on their area of expertise and other essential duties that must be dealt with on a daily basis. The types of tasks that an outsourced pro can tackle include many things, from accounts payable and receivable, to payroll processing and balancing the books regularly. Although, these are only a few of their functions, as many will offer tax preparation and comprehensive financial reports as well.                   
Have you discovered that there isn't enough time in one day when it comes to dealing with your company? If so, this may be an ideal time to consider outsourcing bookkeeping in order to take back control of your office and your schedule. Even if you're just curious as to what these services can do for you, all it takes is a quick phone call to a knowledgeable bookkeeper who should be able to offer some valuable advice along with their expert assistance if you would like!     


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Outsourced Bookkeeping That’s A Great Fit For Your Firm

Posted by Matt Roberge on Jul 5, 2012 7:22:00 AM

If you're in search of or have been considering outsourced bookkeeping for your company, the benefits are abundant! In fact, contacting and contracting a capable company that specializes in bookkeeping can often be invaluable due to the time and energy it can actually save your employees. When it comes to your business, whether it may be big, little, or somewhere in the middle, there are sometimes certain things that are perhaps best handled by others who are experts in a particular area.

This is when outsourced bookkeeping comes into the picture by properly handling pretty much anything and everything that has to do with the finances of your company. From sales and receipts, to purchases and payments, these things require constant and careful attention; therefore it's only practical to procure a professional.

In addition, when a company does decide to delegate their tedious financial details to an outsourced bookkeeping service, it's one less thing to have to worry about or address on a daily basis. The assistance of a smart bookkeeper that is using the latest and greatest software such as QuickBooks can help to keep your affairs in order while offering you peace of mind along with the assurance that the job is getting done accurately and appropriately.

This is one of those services that you simply should to try in order to see why it may be worth your while. Even if your business seems to be running smoothly, there is usually room for improvement. Whatever type of company you are involved in or operating, the reasons for outsourcing are not always obvious until they are witnessed first hand. Many clients claim to immediately notice a difference for the better regarding numerous aspects of their business, both inside and outside of the office, once they acquire an excellent bookkeeper. 

Are you interested in finally finding some financial relief for your firm with an efficient and sufficient outfit that can offer ongoing and reliable outsourced bookkeeping? If so, then you should definitely try to find a certified company that can truly deliver dynamic results in this department. Regardless of if you locate a suitable service locally or online, it's likely to be one of the best moves you could ever make for you and your business!      

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