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Management Team

Ashley Brungard



Ashley Brungard Ashley grew up in a rural Pennsylvania farming community. She loves the farm life and has raised her own free-range meat chickens and laying hens. She has also grown and sold strawberries and maintained a large garden.

Ashley’s love for bookkeeping began as she had the opportunity to work as a bookkeeper for several small business owners. She began to realize the value of bookkeeping as it allowed the owners to better see an overall picture of their businesses and their profitability.

Ashley came to Salt Lake City Bookkeeping with a desire to learn all she can from these amazing people. She has thoroughly enjoyed being part of their team.

Ashley is also an accomplished pianist and plays often for her church choir and congregation. She is very active in her church and enjoys being involved in the many activities there, including singing in the choir and working with children. She also enjoys crocheting, making crafts, studying science, and playing various types of sports.