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Our Team

Christina Whalen

Senior Accountant

Christina_Whalen-1Christina grew up in the Green Mountains of Vermont, and was raised to embrace the outdoors. Whether it be hiking, skiing, biking, or gardening, she always finds a way to be outside. As a college student she worked for a tree service, and after four summers of hard work, she gained an in-depth perspective into the inner workings of a small business. This sparked her interest in learning more, and guided her towards her degree in Accounting at the University of Vermont.

Although Vermont will always be her home, the lure of moving out west was always driving her. She came out to Utah in January 2015, and found SLC Bookkeeping soon after. While she had briefly considered working in the big corporate world, she quickly realized that she could learn much more about what it takes to run a business, full-circle, working for a smaller firm. She was drawn to SLC Bookkeeping as the unique company culture enabled the employees to enjoy doing what they love, while working hard to deliver the highest value to their clients.

Outside of the office, Christina enjoys long days sailing on the lake, skiing as much as she can, and hiking all year round.