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Management Team

Herb Cossano


Herb CossanoHerb grew up in greater Seattle area. After working mostly service industry and construction jobs through the better part his 20’s he decided to leave Washington for California and go back to school. After Graduating from the University of California, San Diego with a degree in economics, he reluctantly followed his girlfriend to Salt Lake City. Once in Salt Lake City he got back into snowboarding, picked up trail running, and has always enjoyed hiking and camping. This quickly led to him falling in love with Utah and all it has to offer.

Shortly after arriving in Salt Lake Herb landed a job as an accountant for a non-profit. He spent two plus years there before coming to SLC bookkeeping. Having always wanted to some day run his own small business he jumped at the opportunity to work for SLCB, knowing the small business education he could gain would be invaluable to his future endeavors.