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Management Team

Jayme Hathale


Jayme HathaleJayme grew up in Monticello UT. Living in the southeastern corner of Utah allowed him to enjoy things like camping, hunting, hiking, and anything that involved outdoor activities. He grew up playing and watching sports. One of his favorite past-times is watching football, basketball, and baseball. He is a die-hard Utes and a Pac-12 fan.

Jayme attended Utah Valley University and graduated in 2010. He developed a passion for working with small businesses which lead him to work for the Intuit Software Support team. He had opportunities to work with 1000’s of different small business owners & accountants throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Jayme was impressed with the culture at SLC Bookkeeping and is super excited to be a part of a team of individuals who have the same passion as himself.