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Our Team

Sarah Smith

Senior Accountant 

Sarah_Smith_web_bio_imageSarah grew up in an Air Force family and lived in Texas, Ohio and Virginia before settling down in Utah.

Sarah fell in love with small businesses during her time as a coffee roaster and barista in Salt Lake City. She enjoys the scrappy and can-do attitude that comes with the culture of a small business. She found SLC Bookkeeping after graduating from Western Governors University with her Bachelors in Accounting. After following them online for a year she knew she had to join their team.

Sarah is best known as an excel guru. If she’s not busy making a formula based depreciation chart she's studying new software. Her aptitude for technology, and drive for efficiency through computer programs make her a great fit for our business team, striving to stay on the cutting edge in our niche market of outsourced bookkeeping.

Her free time is spent outside in the mountains, hiking with her dog Riddick, camping, and extreme ironing.