How Cloud-Based Services Help Your Small Business

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How Cloud-Based Services Help Your Small Business

How Cloud-Based Services Help Your Small BusinessYour business is growing, and along with it, mounds of paperwork that are becoming mountains of guilt. You know you need a more effective document storage system. And now that you’re thinking about it, what about those important files — the ones that are only on your computer? What happens if your computer starts up with the screen of death, and your data is lost forever — or worse, gets stolen?

The answer is cloud-based computing. Cloud storage protects data and provides peace of mind. It also makes sharing files with colleagues simple and fast. Here’s why a cloud-based service will help your business thrive.

Instant Access

Cloud-based services let business owners and their colleagues review important documents and reports on a 24/7 basis, provided web access is available. That means users don’t have to worry about emailing huge files or losing access to mission-critical information during off hours.

And while many business owners undoubtedly prefer to keep work on the backburner during vacation, those who struggle with whether or not to bring a computer while they’re out of town “just in case” will appreciate cloud-based computing most of all should an emergency strike. And as all small business owners know, there’s no such thing as off-duty.

Better Operational Efficiency

Organizationally challenged employees don’t have to manage a growing pile of papers after turning to the cloud. Collaborate instantly and effortlessly — and save paper — instead. Cloud-based computing minimizes data storage needs, too.

Instead of paying a third-party provider extra funds to maintain mission-critical documents and programs, businesses can use the cloud and save on expenses, instead. Just think: no more hardware upgrades, support costs, installation fees or maintenance contracts. Cloud computing even reduces power usage. Not only does the cloud make desks cleaner and wastebaskets emptier, but it also keeps wallets fuller.

Less Panic

Business owners who depend on the cloud for data storage and retrieval don’t have to worry if a computer, smartphone or tablet is lost, damaged or stolen. They also worry less about viruses corrupting laptop data and hackers gaining access to sensitive information, since cloud providers back up stored data with added security.

Although cloud-based computing won’t eliminate problems with mobile hardware, at least business owners can relax knowing they haven’t lost sensitive or hard-to-replace data.

More Flexibility

Business owners who take advantage of cloud-based computing might start wondering if renting office space is really necessary. Adapting to the cloud means businesses that don’t depend on physical space can work wherever they choose. If owners and employees can accomplish tasks by working at home, and face-to-face collaboration isn’t really necessary, cloud-related savings add up fast — especially when employees can use their own devices instead of business-funded tech.

Appearances Matter

Impressing customers and partners begins with a professionally run office. Cloud computing demonstrates a small business has adapted to modern technology and is capable of seamless integration with a variety of web-based solutions.

When a business outsources back office functions such as bookkeeping and accounting with a cloud-based solution, that lets the owner focus on creating more value for the customer. And because cloud solutions are completely scalable, that means a business can grow faster.


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