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Restaurant Bookkeeping Services


Restaurant Accounting, Bookkeeping & Payroll Services

Success in the restaurant industry starts in the books. In order to understand your prime costs, and increase your margins, you have to know on a regular basis what this number is.

SLC Bookkeeping provides accurate and timely accounting for restaurants and bars. With an experienced team of restaurant accounting services professionals, we have restaurant owners approach us with issues with their POS systems, they fell behind in the books and can't dig themselves out, or are looking for better ways to understand their prime costs and make decisions to keep the margins they have worked so hard for.

That leaves them with the ability to keep a focus on their employees and their patrons.

We've streamlined a complete restaurant accounting system that furnishes clear and correct daily financial reports and seamless payroll imports through QuickBooks and CPA-ready books that help save owners the time it takes to stay up-to-date.

Keep efforts around the things that your restaurant does the best. And let us help with the part that we're particularly good at.

Get in touch with SLC Bookkeeping and find out why our accounting system for restaurants is the leading choice for many of Utah’s most popular establishments.



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POS Integration

Integrating your POS system into your accounting software is critical to the success of your books. Oftentimes there are complications when making these softwares communicate with each other properly.

The types of POS systems we can help migrate your system from are:






Micros e7

NCR Silver














Accounting for Restaurants in Three Easy Steps

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You got into the restaurant business because you love it — not because you want to spend your free time on cash accounting, inventory management, payroll and payables.

SLC Bookkeeping is the restaurant accounting service that lets you focus on your business. We implement a 3-step system that turns one of the most challenging parts of your day into one of the easiest.






Exit Planning

Your restaurant probably wasn't started to have you run it forever. That's understandable. With exit planning, you'll need to have the correct numbers. 

For one, a potential buyer or investor will want to know if the business is profitable. You want them to know exactly how profitable, though, because it will increase the valuation of the buyout.

We can produce this number for you. On command.




Make Confident Decisions

The biggest benefit of our 3-step restaurant accounting system is that you can make calculated business decisions with accurate, real-time information in complete confidence — 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our seamless financial solution for restaurants keeps you focused on the issues that matter most, such as satisfying your patrons.

And because SLC Bookkeeping will have already put a powerful financial system in place for your business, when you need additional guidance or strategic planning expertise, we’ll be ready to help.



Get in Touch With SLC Bookkeeping

SLC Bookkeeping is the restaurant accounting expert. We’ve helped hundreds of consumer-facing businesses simplify their back office operations while empowering their leaders to make smarter decisions faster.

For more information about our 3-step restaurant accounting system or to schedule a free consultation, get in touch with us at 801-216-3870.


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