Mission and Values

SLC Bookkeeping Mission

We partner with small businesses across the U.S. to deliver financial peace of mind. Through an understanding of their financials, we enable small businesses and communities to grow. We accomplish this by leveraging technology to provide outsourced bookkeeping with personal customer relationships.

SLC Bookkeeping Core Values

Treat each other, our customers, and our business network honestly and with respect

We believe that honesty and respect are important characteristics of any business. We want everyone our business interacts with to feel that they are being treated fairly and with respect, allowing us to create this reputation with our business network. We treat customers the way we want to be treated.

Maintain a balance between work and life

We believe there is more to life than just work. Having the ability to attend to important life moments and the flexibility to pursue personal passions is important to us.

Remain innovative and relevant in our industry

Striving to become a thought leader in the accounting industry will always be a priority to us. We need to keep up with technological innovations to make sure we remain relevant in our industry.

Ensure our services provide value to our clients and support it every day with our actions

We differentiate ourselves by adding value to our clients’ businesses in unique ways, including areas where other accountants fail. As we grow, we need to make sure that our actions with every client add value day in and day out, no matter how long we have had them as a customer.

Hold everyone who interacts with our business accountable for their actions

It is only fair that all employees, clients, and vendors be held responsible for their actions regardless of whether it is a positive or negative situation. We are willing to accept mistakes if everyone involved holds themselves accountable.

Mastery of Our Craft

It is our goal to learn how to run any sort of small business. By being able to look at any set of books and provide valuable feedback—and by constantly learning more about various industries and trends—we can provide that much more value to our clients.

We are a growth-oriented organization that believes in employee development

It is important that we create a working environment that supports and encourages our employees to grow. We want all employees throughout the entire organization to be given the knowledge, tools, and training to accomplish all of their goals, both personal and business alike.

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