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Go on and start loving your job.
Never be treated like a number again.

We focus on taking care of our people as much as we take care of our clients. Unnecessary rigidity, micromanagement, stonewalled demeanors, and cubicle time logging have no place at SLC Bookkeeping. We want our employees to think critically, challenge standard ways of doing things, embrace developing technology, take time off, and develop a career with our team.

We work hard and play hard. We get the job done and thoroughly enjoy time away from the office. We accomplish awesome things as individuals and as a team, and we’re well versed in recognizing a job well done.

Join SLC Bookkeeping, and start working smarter.


SLC Bookkeeping is an amazing place to work, with awesome co-workers and great clients. I love the flexibility of my schedule and the company culture of hard work while still encouraging a healthy work-life balance to pursue personal interests. I am constantly growing and learning from our team and projects. I love being part of a team where my work is valued and my opinions are important. 

Derek Smith testimonial
Senior Accountant

The support and understanding of work-life balance at SLC Bookkeeping are exactly what I love about this employee-focused company. I experience continuous professional growth and expanding knowledge of the industry while simultaneously receiving encouragement in my personal goals and endeavors. Utilizing innovative software to ensure efficiency and accuracy for our clients makes SLCB fierce competitors in the accounting services market. I love being a part of this team!


SLC Bookkeeping has been the perfect fit in terms of what I was looking for professionally and culturally. I get the opportunity to help small businesses grow and have time to pursue the things I love to do outside of work, all while being part of an awesome team.



Do you crave a balance between work and life?
Do you consider yourself technologically savvy?
Do you want to be recognized for your hard work?

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