How to Brand Your Small Business to Work With Great Clients

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How to Brand Your Small Business to Work With Great Clients

Market Your Small BusinessLately, we have been attracting a lot of like-minded business owners as clients. You know the clients I am talking about; the clients that are a great fit for your service that you love working with.

When you meet with a prospect that shares similar views you just kind of hit it off because it is a perfect fit.

Then I got to thinking about how our marketing efforts attract these like-minded business owners that are a perfect fit.

Be Yourself

I think one of the best ways to attract like-minded clients is to just be yourself. You need to stay true to the real you with your website, your social media, your writing style on your blog, and with your actions at networking events.

If you look at our about us page you will see a lot about the outdoors, you will also not see anyone with a tie on. If we showed up at your office or you met one of us at a networking event I guarantee you that we would not be wearing a tie.

I like to work with people that value the way a person thinks, acts and adds value to their business.

If you read our blog you will notice that we sometimes integrate our passion for the outdoors into our writing style and our business advice.

We truly speak to a specific audience.

However, you know what is different about us than other bookkeeping services? It's that we're different. So when we market ourselves the way we do, we often attract clients that are a perfect fit for our services.

Create Natural Relationships

When you are yourself in every way that you market your business you create genuine and natural relationships with your customers.

By naturally marketing your services to prospects you create a good rapport with them right from the beginning.

This creates a level of comfort for your prospect before you've even started to discuss the specifics of your service and the cost.

This really puts your sales team in an excellent position to close the deal and bring on a new customer. Natural relationships with your prospects will pave the way for a healthy relationship with them as a customer.

Work With The Best Clients

By marketing your business in a natural manner that shows them who you truly are and how you operate, you get to work with the best possible clients.

We refer to those clients as home run clients. These home run clients are the perfect fit. You have a natural rapport with them, a great relationship, you both respect each other on a professional level and you actually enjoy working with one another.

These types of customers are the best clients to work with. Additionally they also prove to be some of your most profitable clients. The 80/20 rule states that 80% of your income will come from 20% of your customers.

Marketing that is true to you and your services will produce great clients with awesome relationships that are very profitable.

Make Tons Of Money

When you really get into a groove attracting these types of clients you have the ability to make a ton of money. The best part is it isn't a grind; it is actually fun.

If you market your services staying true to your core values you constantly attract like-minded business owners to work with.

Your marketing efforts will constantly be bringing in fresh, high-quality leads. Your close rates will also be high because you are naturally attracting prospects that are a great fit for your services.

This marketing and sales cycle is incredibly efficient and profitable, allowing you to produce a lot of revenue for your service based business

If you really stay true to yourself with your marketing efforts you are going to end up working with a lot of like-minded business owners.

You will establish excellent relationships with all of your customers and you will be attracting the best possible clients to your business. These clients will prove extremely profitable and willing to refer you to their business network.

Market your small business to attract like-minded business owners and you will be creating a healthy, profitable and sustainable business model.

What types of business owners do you like to work with?

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