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Outsourced Bookkeeping Will Get You Laid In 2015

Posted by Joe Mazur on Jan 27, 2015 7:30:00 AM

At first glance, you might think this title is a joke or a sad attempt to lure you in under the 'sex sells' marketing mantra.  There is actually a lot of truth to this title, especially given some of the bookkeeping scenarios our team has come across the past several months. Now, saying 'laid' might be a bit of a stretch but it can lead to a renewed energy within your relationship, or change the path it is on.

bookkeeping_saves_marriagesWe usually encounter two different scenarios that lead to this sort of thought process.   Either the spouse is involved in helping with the books and they are at each other's throats or one spouse is pissed since the other is too wrapped up in running all aspects of their business and they work around the clock. 

My Spouse Is My Bookkeeper

'My husband helps with the books and he is falling behind.  My business suffers and so do I.'

'My wife is my bookkeeper but I can't tell her when she makes mistakes without fear of her suffocating me at night.'

These are a few of the things we have heard the last several months.  Imagine not being able to have a firm conversation with your bookkeeper without it impacting the pillow talk at night?  It's not that you should have a bookkeeper you argue with, but if it comes to that it shouldn't carry over to anything else once the conversation is over.  Have a firm discussion with your outsourced bookkeeper and move on.  No baggage or spillover on the ride home or going to pick up the kids.  

My Spouse Never Sees Me Since I'm My Own Bookkeeper

'My wife really wants to kill me if I work another night past midnight trying to do my books'

'My husband hasn't taken me out to dinner in ages since he is always in the basement tracking down payments.'

'I haven't slept in 55 hours and my marriage is suffering'

'We don't go out on New Years Eve since the family business bookkeeping needs major attention'

These sorts of statements are heard a lot this time of year.  It's when small business owners try to do a full year worth of bookkeeping all at once so they can file for taxes.  I'm all for business owners bootstrapping and trying to learn about their business from the inside out and doing their books themselves during the early stages of their business.  But the owners that reach out to us have usually been doing this method of bookkeeping for several years and are about to have catastrophic things happen in their lives if they keep it up.

Some of our recent sales meetings have actually been arranged by the wife's of the owners since they are the ones demanding the change.  Bringing in an expert bookkeeper does wonders for the overloaded owner.  It not only frees up time, but also puts financial tools in their hands to see how their business is performing in a real time manner.  What they do with that time is up to them.

One last scenario that might lead to a home run in the bedroom ties to us as bookkeepers really knowing our clients.  I actually helped a client book a romantic night out with his spouse over the holidays.  He was too busy to book the dinner reservation so I took care of it online since it only took a few clicks.  He got the email confirmation on his phone, he took his wife out, and who knows how it ended up.  One could only hope.

Get a trusted bookkeeper that is intimate with your books, not with you.  

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