Meet Sam Deeter, Accountant

Samantha joins our team from South Florida. She is very excited to work for aSam Deeter company she notes "has placed great value on building a great team of skilled accountants. Having the technology and tools provided that are necessary to effectively produce accurate, audit-ready financial records, along with working for a company that is genuinely focused on providing an employee-centric culture, speaks to longevity and moves everyone to always work at their best level naturally.

SLC having achieved that perfect balance is evident in the high level of excellence accounting services they provide each client".

Samantha brings 25 years of accounting experience as a full charge bookkeeper using Quickbooks accounting software since 2005. As a certified Bookkeeper and Payroll Pro Advisor in 4 versions of Quickbooks accounting software, her accounting experience reaches through multiple industries.

Samantha also has 10 years of operational experience;  another fundamental role that is a success factor in business. Her skillset has a primary focus on maintaining financial wellness backed by an understanding of the operational needs of a small- to medium-sized business.

In her time away from work, Samantha heads for the water to go snorkeling/diving off of the Gulf or Atlantic coast of south Florida. She is an avid collector of seashells, enjoys kayaking, paddleboarding, and anything that involves being near the  ocean.