5 QuickBooks Tips You Must Have

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5 QuickBooks Tips You Must Have

Millions of companies use QuickBooks to handle their bookkeeping and accounting needs, and this is for good reason. It has a very user-friendly interface, it keeps information organized and, when it comes time to complete your company’s taxes, QuickBooks can seem like a gift from heaven. Whether you’re currently using QuickBooks or just shopping around, here are five simple QuickBooks tips for making the most of this program:

1.  Log everything. QuickBooks was created to help you keep track of money – so use it! This means entering in every dime spent from checks you write to credit card bills. This way if you always know where your money is going.

2.  Consider enrolling in paid payroll subscription. If it’s within your budget, this can be a real life saver. This subscription will automatically calculate all of your payroll taxes which can save you plenty of time and effort.

3.  Utilize the reports features. Want to quickly see a visual graphic of where your money went last month? Need to see how much you earned versus how much you spent? QuickBooks can easily help you prepare a graph or report to find this information fast.

4.  Don’t assume that you can’t fix mistakes. For example, if you close your fiscal year and then realize you’ve made an error – don’t worry!  You can easily correct this problem. Simply locate and fix the error and
finish by entering in the closing date and password.

5.  Use it or lose it. In order to fully learn all of the Quick books tips, you need to use the program often. Even when you’re not actually entering in real data for your company, take time to play around with different tools and functions. This is a surefire method for becoming a QuickBooks Pro.

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