Learning QuickBooks for Small Businesses

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Learning QuickBooks for Small Businesses

Many business owners call us wanting to learn how to use QuickBooks.  I think it is very smart for a business owner to have a good understanding of how to use QuickBooks. 

Even if they will have an in house bookkeeper or a bookkeeping service it does help to have a general understanding of how to use the business bookkeeping software.  Here are a few options on how to get up to speed with using QuickBooks.

Go it on your own

QuickBooks does have a nice user-friendly layout.  Many users may be able to get a general understanding of how to use QuickBooks just by playing around with it.  Also, the help index can answer many common questions.  In addition, you can find answers to common questions by doing a web search and looking through various QuickBooks forums.

Take a Class

QuickBooks classes are readily available either in person or online.  Classes are offered for various levels of QuickBooks users.  This is a great way to get a basic understanding of how to use the software. 

Hire a Professional

Hiring a QuickBooks certified Pro-Advisor can be a great way to learn how to use QuickBooks.  You can find a QuickBooks Pro-Advisor near you on Intuit's website. 

Network with business colleagues

By tapping your business network you may find several business colleagues that already use QuickBooks as their business accounting software.  Many of them will be more than willing to give you a brief overview of how to use QuickBooks.

As a business owner starting to use QuickBooks for your business bookkeeping you are right to want to know how to use the software effectively.  How you go about learning how to use QuickBooks is up to you.

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