Professional QuickBooks Training And QuickBooks Support

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Professional QuickBooks Training And QuickBooks Support

If you are new to QuickBooks or bookkeeping you may want to consider finding a professional consultant to help you with QuickBooks training and support.  Salt Lake City Bookkeeping offers remote QuickBooks training and support.

How does it work?

This short video will demonstrate how our remote QuickBooks training and support services work.



The process of getting started with our remote QuickBooks support services is simple and straightforward.  The first step is to establish a free and secure VPN (virtual private network) connection to the computer that hosts your QuickBooks file.  I recommend LogMeIn because of its ease to set up and use, as well as the security and reliability of the service.  Setting up a VPN through LogMeIn is as easy as setting up a new email account or other online profile.  

The free version is usually all you need and you can't beat the price (in case you couldn't tell the free version of LogMeIn is free!).  Once your LogMeIn account is set up you simply follow the 'Add Computer' wizard which will walk you through the process of establishing your VPN connection.  Once LogMeIn has been successfully installed I recommend trying to access your computer from a different computer nearby.  You simply visit and enter your account login information and then click on the computer you want to access and enter the username and password for that specific computer.  Helpful tip: unless you set up something differently the computer username and password defaults to the login information for your computer when you start it up.  

The username and password are also case sensitive.  The username will default to the icon you click on when your computer starts up.  A common example would be admin.  Remember the username and password has to be entered exactly as it appears with spaces, capitalization etc.  That is why we recommend trying to access your computer from a nearby computer after setup.  

The best part about LogMeIn is your remote access is all internet based so you can securely access your computer from anywhere you have an internet connection.  The one restriction is the computer you want to access must be turned on in order for you to remotely access it.  

There are other VPN connection options like Remote Desktop, GoToMyPc and many others.  If you want specific advice on which one is best for you or have trouble setting up your VPN connection your IT source should be able to help.    

Benefits of using QuickBooks remote support

Cost savings 

Using our remote QuickBooks support services will save you money.  You will only have to pay for services when you need help and there are no minimums on time.  Let's say you just have a few quick questions on some QuickBooks issues you are having.  We will log into your computer and help solve your issues.  You will not have to pay for travel time to and from your office.  Many accounting services charge for travel time and also come with an hourly minimum.  We only charge you for services that you need.    

Professional advice

You will get professional QuickBooks and bookkeeping training from a trusted advisor.  Not only are we QuickBooks ProAdvisors but we are all college graduates with a focus in accounting, finance or business.  With over 20 years of combined experience in both QuickBooks and small business bookkeeping you can be sure you will be dealing with a professional. 

Time savings

You will save lots of time by using our QuickBooks support services.  You could spend hours on your own solving an issue that we could possibly solve in just a few minutes.  While you may find help in online forums, QuickBooks tips blogs or by calling QuickBooks support those all take time or money.  We will work with you to efficiently solve your QuickBooks issues.  Additionally if we can't figure out your issue we can quickly contact Intuit directly to work through your QuickBooks problem at no additional cost to you.    

Visual training

The biggest benefit that I think our QuickBooks support services offers is the visual training aspect.  If you called me with a question I most likely could address the problem with you.  I probably could figure out the solution and walk you through the steps to fix your problem.  However, I find it much easier to demonstrate the solution to QuickBooks questions rather than trying to talk you through it over the phone.  We will remotely access your computer through the secure VPN connection that you set up and walk you through the steps to solve your QuickBooks issues.  We will be able to control your computer and you will be able to watch us work in your QuickBooks file.  

Feel free to check out our QuickBooks support services.  While there are other QuickBooks help options out there we feel that our services offer a personal touch that you will appreciate.  It's like having a QuickBooks professional advisor on call with solutions when you have questions.


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