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Construction Industry Bookkeeping; Salt Lake City Experts

Posted by Matt Roberge on May 19, 2012 9:30:00 AM

The construction industry is very labor intensive. The company owners and managers will spend most of their time in the field undertaking or supervising construction jobs. Or, they may be outsourcing for building materials.  There is very little time spent at the office yet the bookkeeping has to be done. Our construction industry bookkeeping specialist team provides complete and convenient solutions.

Our company's services are ideal for construction companies that have one to ten employees. One advantage of using outsourced bookkeeping services is that the costs of having a bookkeeper and perhaps an office assistant as permanent members of staff are eliminated.

Our construction industry bookkeeping specialist firm can provide services on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis as per the needs of each client. A contractor and the rest of his staff who are mostly out in the field choose one day of the week or month when the bookkeeper can come in and update the books.

Our Salt Lake City Bookkeeping firm keeps the books in a format that is easy to understand when the construction company owner and managers are reviewing the books. The main software used is QuickBooks. It is easy for the business owners to go over files in this format and also this software allows for files to be customized specifically towards a construction company.

Another advantage of QuickBooks is that when transactions like sales and purchases are entered and there is built in functionality to help manage your inventory of the materials and services that are purchased and sold by your business.  Financial reports like profit and loss, a balance sheet and those used for forecasting and budgeting will help improve the performance of any business. Our firm will also do bank reconciliations to ensure the reports you are looking at are 100% accurate. 

Apart from keeping records of the construction company, the firm also does personal bookkeeping. This takes the burden of computing and filing tax returns off of the company owners and directors.  This can be done for all of the family so that returns can be filed collectively.

Isn't it time to stop trying to do it all and leave the bookkeeping to a firm that walks and works beside you like a friend?   


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