Difficult Fishing Conditions and the Success of Your Business

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Difficult Fishing Conditions and the Success of Your Business

We recently went on a company fishing trip to the Green River; it was hard...very hard.  Now let's get one thing straight right away; the fishing is always good, it's the catching that can be bad.  When we arrived home after 3 days of tough fishing my business partner's wife asked the obvious question: "Well did you learn anything?"  Of course this was a business trip after all right?  When times get tough in both business and fishing how do you get through it?

You are not going to catch anything without your fly on the water

When times get tough it is so easy to quit.  It is so easy to blame the bad fishing on the wind, weather or just finicky trout.  Experienced and determined anglers (and business people) never give up.  They observe and do anything to succeed (no matter how small a success).  How do you intend to make a sale if you are not out there prospecting for new clients?  The same holds true in tough fishing conditions; you certainly are not going to catch a fish by not fishing. 

Networking in tough conditions is as important as ever

On the way back to the fly shop our driver also guided another boat that day.  When he asked how we had done and we said not that good, he asked what we were using.  We told him and he said that sounded about right.  Next question, how were you fishing them?  Come to find out we were to deep.  When he explained how he was catching fish, our entire day made sense.  The lesson: in tough conditions networking with knowledgeable people can get you that tough customer.

Doing something different than you competition can have excellent results

Ever have a customer hire you because you were different?  Maybe you said things that other people were afraid to say.  The bottom line is you were different, and the client liked it so they hired you.  The same actions can make you successful in tough fishing conditions.  Fish get bored of seeing the same offerings all day long, from the same people, presented in the same manner.  Do something different and you may just land that fish or client in some of the hardest conditions you have ever faced. 

We have all faced difficult conditions both on the river and in the business world. 

How do you continue to make your business successful in tough conditions?

What other activities help you make your business successful?


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