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[Infographic] 7 Non-Billable Tasks That Grow Your Business

Posted by Austin Walker on Sep 30, 2015 7:30:00 AM

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As your business evolves it is important that you stay on task to grow your small business. Many small business owners get caught up in the day to day operations rather than focusing on big picture tasks. If your mentality is that only you can do every task correctly then you are going to hit a serious roadblock while growing your business. Some business owners believe that handling as much billable work as possible will result in the highest profit margin since there is no overhead. The difficulty with that mentality is you can only do so much. Non-billable time is extremely important and critical if you are serious about growing your business. Here are 7 non-billable tasks that will help your small business grow quickly.




Don't look at non-billable time as a waste of time, look at it as an opportunity to grow your business.

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