Is Wearing Too Many Hats Negatively Affecting Your Business?

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Is Wearing Too Many Hats Negatively Affecting Your Business?

As a small business owner you probably wear a lot of hats at your business.  You want to be involved with everything and who can blame you?  This is your business, that you started on your own and you have put a lot of hard work into it right?  However, there may come a time when you want to stop wearing so many hats and focus in on certain business tasks.  So if you are trying to figure out if wearing to many hats is negatively affecting your business you need to ask yourself 3 questions: Why? When? What?

Why could handling too many tasks negatively affect your business?

  • you are spread thin and things get overlooked
  • you aren't focusing on critical business tasks like sales and business strategy
  • you are overworked and stressed and are no longer running an efficient business

When should you consider losing a hat?

  • anytime you suspect that any of the items in the why list above could be happening
  • when your hours are going up and profits are going down
  • when you are "over it"

What hat should you lose?

  • those that you dislike
  • those that you are not good at
  • those that are not critical business tasks

If you think that you are wearing too many hats at your business and you think it may be negatively affecting you and your business we would love to talk with you. Maybe you are handling your own bookkeeping, but are wondering about outsourced bookkeeping services.  If you need to get in touch just shoot us an email.

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