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Outsource Your Bookkeeping and Never Hire Again

Posted by Matt Roberge on Sep 20, 2011 12:26:00 PM

I wanted to explain why outsourcing your bookkeeping may be the last time you ever hire a bookkeeper again.  Many small business owners are skeptical about outsourcing their bookkeeping.  Some businesses feel that they need a full time on site bookkeeper just because they are in business.  Here is why you should outsource your businesses bookkeeping and never look back.

Save tons of money

Your current bookkeeper is very expensive.  Wages, payroll taxes and benefits add up to major amounts of cash.  By outsourcing your bookkeeping to a bookkeeping service I guarantee you will reduce your costs and get a more experienced and educated bookkeeper.   

No more turnover and training

We obtain a lot of new clients from bookkeepers who are quitting for one reason or another.  Many times the current bookkeeper is fed up with the owner, feels underpaid and underappreciated, or is just sick of doing the same job every day.  A bookkeeping service will most likely never quit (unless you really are a pain to deal with).  Bookkeeping services want long-term commitments.  You will never have to deal with turnover in your bookkeeping department again.  No more stress on the books falling behind and no more training costs.

Eliminate any worries of theft

I hear about and read about lots of bookkeeping theft.  Typically it is a bookkeeper that feels they are not being treated fairly, so they try to cheat and steal.  With a bookkeeping service you will be dealing with an outside party.  Many times your service will offer you ideas on how to set up and audit a bookkeeping system that eliminates theft.  Here is our advice on how to eliminate bookkeeping theft.   

Outsourcing your bookkeeping can be very advantageous to your business, just make sure you hire the right bookkeeping service.


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