Personal Bookkeeping: Learn from Dr. Jason Seaver

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Personal Bookkeeping: Learn from Dr. Jason Seaver

Remember the show Growing Pains?  What a classic.  One of my favorite season's of the show was when Mike Seaver was living above the garage while in his teens.  I remember a particular episode where the dad, Dr. Jason Seaver, was going over the family's finances at the end of the month.  Mr. Seaver was going through the bills when he screamed for Mike to join him in his study.  He was particularly upset about an incredibly expensive phone bill.  The problem was that it was in the past and there is nothing he could do about it now except ground Mike. 

There is a lesson to be learned here about personal bookkeeping; you need to keep on it.  You need to monitor your personal income expenses for yourself and your family.  I update the personal books on myself at least once a week.  I am Jason Seaver times 10.  I would love to be on my personal finances enough where I could call a family member to ask about a particular purchase that was just made prior to them even getting home from running errands.   

Are you set up to monitor your business and personal expenses?

Do you want to be?


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