Are Your Website Views Turning Traffic Into Customers?

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Are Your Website Views Turning Traffic Into Customers?

I saw a billboard available for rent last week that read "If Your Looking It's Working".  Since then some sucker rented it and I couldn't post the picture I wanted to accompany this blog.  However, my point is still the same.  According to the owner of the available billboard you should advertise here because people will see your advertisement and it will work.  I guess that any potential customer that gets to your website will automatically want to do business with you because they are looking.  Every person that you shake hands with, have a conversation with and hand a business card to will look at your card in the future and want to do business with you.  That doesn't sound right does it? 

What if:

They don't like what they see? 

You haven't made a compelling offer to them? 

You have failed to engage them? 

You billboard or website was not appealing to them and they are immediately turned off? 

While billboards are becoming dinosaurs in the new marketing world we can all learn something from them.  People are looking at your advertising efforts.  Are you obtaining new customers?  Are your efforts paying off?  Are you proud of your online marketing efforts, website and general public perception of your company?

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