Your Bookkeeping Neglect is Not Our Emergency

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Your Bookkeeping Neglect is Not Our Emergency

I wanted to personally thank Pete Caputa from Hubspot for posting a quote on his twitter account about a month ago.  I have no idea where the words came from but they really impacted me.  They impacted me so much that I had to go look them up a few weeks later to email them to my business partner because it relates to problems that we have in the accounting industry.  Then another week went by and I had to go look for the exact quote again because I could not remember it.  This time I copied and pasted the quote on the top of my prospecting list so that I see it every day.  So what exactly is the quote? 

"Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency for me." 

I am a planner by nature and hate surprises and stress.  I have never really understood the business that does not keep up with their bookkeeping.  We naturally pick up a lot of new clients from January - April when taxes are coming due.  However, we are always coming across business owners that have done no bookkeeping for the previous year.  I just don't see how you can run your business blind without any accurate financial numbers to help you make decisions. 

This year I anticipate that we will get more owners than ever before that are in a state of panic because they have not done any bookkeeping for 2011.  They will be stressed and think that because they failed to plan that their emergency will become an emergency for me.  I may drop that quote on some of them or I may just think it to myself.  All 25+ monthly clients of ours will have a stress free tax filing and they also all have accurate monthly financials every month to help them analyze and grow their businesses. 

Do you want to get a bookkeeping system in place and have a stress free tax filing for 2011 and beyond?  Email us.


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