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Year-End Bookkeeping Success Story: Archetype Development

Posted by Matt Roberge


Company Summary:

Archetype Development provides expert web solutions including; custom layouts & designs, flash animation, logos and graphics, marketing, search engine optimization, consulting and e-commerce.

Before SLC Bookkeeping:

  • Owner was constantly stressed over the bookkeeping because the bookkeeping was never getting updated. He was aware bookkeeping needed to be done but it always got the back burner and left him constantly worried about the financial state of his business.
  • Lack of bookkeeping updates resulted in inaccurate financial reports, or no financial reporting at all. The lack of financial reporting was as if the business was being run blind from a financial perspective.
  • The business was always scrambling to get the bookkeeping updated around tax time. This resulted in filing for tax extensions and paying unnecessary late fees and interest. Additionally valuable year-end time was being spent on bookkeeping rather than forecasting and budgeting the upcoming year

Archetype Owners“Think of SLC Bookkeeping as the watch dog of your bank accounts.  It is also fantastic to have SLC Bookkeeping as a QuickBooks resource.  If I need anything at anytime I don't need to be a QuickBooks expert to get it."

-Dave Wall, Founder and Owner, Archetype Development


Outsourced Salt Lake City Bookkeeping Services will benefit your business in many ways.


How did SLC Bookkeeping Help?

  • Having SLC Bookkeeping update the bookkeeping on a regular basis gave the owner peace of mind. This allowed the owner to take that energy and focus on growing the sales of his business.
  • SLC Bookkeeping provided regular monthly bookkeeping updates, which avoided a year-end scramble. Not only did this help the owner remember what all deposits and purchases were related to, but it also reduced mistakes due to avoiding the year-end rush to get prepared for taxes. 
  • Regular monthly bookkeeping updates allowed the owner to review accurate financial reports on a regular basis. This financial analysis allowed the owner to identify trends, issues and opportunities within his business. In the end the bookkeeping system allowed the owner to run a might tighter business from a financial perspective.
  • Each December SLC Bookkeeping would give updated financial statements to the owners CPA for a year-end review prior to the turn of the calendar year. This allowed the owner to work with their CPA to get an understanding of the tax liability they faced come April. In addition the owner and CPA used the financial statements to make tax advantageous moves prior to year-end.
  • SLC Bookkeeping was able to work with the owner of Archetype and their CPA to ensure that an accurate tax return was filed on time. This allowed Archetype to avoid filing for a tax extension and eliminate any IRS penalties and interest. In addition the owner was able to hit the ground running in the new year with a budget and forecast in place. 

Results after one year of using SLC Bookkeeping's service:

Increase in sales of 80%

Increase in profits 300%

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Archetype Team

"I made the decision of keeping my books updated all year long with SLC Bookkeeping's service and it was well worth the stress relief alone that resulted.  Not only did it free up the most valuable time of the year, the holiday season, it also had a lot of unexpected benefits.  The idea of having my taxes and bookkeeping handled by professionals goes a long way with my confidence doing business and I would recommend it to anyone who asked for advice in this arena." 

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