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Handling Job Costing In QuickBooks

Posted by Joe Mazur on Mar 20, 2012 8:15:00 AM

Bookkeeping is one of those essential but tiresome duties of running a business. Bad bookkeeping can result in bad business, including loss of profit, inefficient use of time, and
general disorganization—not to mention the troubles you’ll have when tax time comes! Computers and software such as Quickbooks has made bookkeeping easier, but it can still be time consuming and confusing. You may be unsure of how to utilize the software to the best advantage, and at the end of the day you’re busy with so many things that it’s hard to take time to enter numbers and analyze graphs. This is where Salt Lake City Bookkeeping can come in handy.

Job costing in Quickbooks is one of those steps which is essential but sometimes confusing. Job costing allows you to get an accurate estimate of how much any particular “job” will cost you, including materials, labor, overhead and other expenses, so that you can put the right price on that item or job for your customer. Without proper job costing you risk losing money by not charging enough, or losing customers by charging too much. Yet even in Quickbooks job costing can seem like a complicated and daunting task. Instead of undertaking it yourself, let the professionals do it for you. For a modest fee they can tailor your entire job costing system to
your specific needs and calculate the costs on any given job for you.

Most people don’t start up a business because they love crunching numbers. Most small businesses can’t afford to keep a full time accountant and don’t even need one. Instead, a professional small business accounting service can take care of your accounting needs in only hours a week. Besides providing job costing in Quickbooks, they can keep all your books up to date and create an efficient system so you have more time to spend running your business, and more money to put back into it. You’ll soon find that the small cost of the accounting services is outweighed by increased profitability and less stress on your shoulders. How do you think your life would get easier if you had help with accounting?





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