Helpful QuickBooks Tips From A ProAdvisor

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Helpful QuickBooks Tips From A ProAdvisor

Taking on accounting and bookkeeping duties can be a tedious endeavor, but technology, like Quickbooks,
has greatly improved the way in which professionals keep their books. While in previous eras bookkeepers spend hours adding items into ledger books and crunching numbers in their head, many new programs have simplified these tasks. While it’s still a meticulous and time consuming project, using QuickBooks to assist you in your bookkeeping tasks can help you save time and energy.

Here are a few helpful QuickBook tips:

Get to Know the Program – Just because you’re savvy in the field of bookkeeping and accounting doesn’t mean you’ll be able to pick up QuickBooks in minutes. By dedicating a few hours to familiarizing yourself with the program you will save yourself plenty of time down the line.

Make Yourself at Home – One of the best advantages to QuickBooks is that it can be customized to your needs. You can easily modify the icon bar at the top of the screen by adding and removing tools or changing their order as you see fit.

Apply Shortcuts – If you’ve been using Windows for any length of time, you’ve probably become familiar with keyboard shortcuts. Be sure to put that knowledge into practice in Quickbooks as it can drastically improve your productivity. For example, using Ctrl + I will create a new invoice.

Use QuickMath
– Okay, okay we all know you’re a math whiz. However, you don’t have to spend so much time adding up numbers in your head. One of the best Quickbook tips is to use the calculator. In addition to reducing the chance of an error, the calculator saves you plenty of time – and brain power!

Use the Setup Wizard – Many people opt out of the setup wizard because their eager to get started or feel they don’t have time. However, utilizing the program’s setup wizard will help you learn about some of the program’s best features and assist you in customizing your screen.

Most of all, however, do not get discouraged. Like any new program, it takes time and practice to become a pro. However, if you still find that you don’t have the time you may want to pass off the duties to one of the Salt Lake City Bookkeeping experts.

What challenges have you faced when using QuickBooks and what Quickbook tips can you offer to others?  



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