Save Time with QuickBooks Customized Reports

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Save Time with QuickBooks Customized Reports

Measuring and reporting data is crucial to the success of any business.  What does your business measure?  Lots of different things right?  Leads to sales ratios, profit and loss, advertising dollars spent, etc.  There is a lot more to business reports than just the financial end of things. 

For example, I spend a lot of time analyzing our sources of income to identify where our revenue is coming from.  This analysis helps me to identify sales trends, which gives our marketing plan direction.  The bottom line is that every business owner spends time analyzing reports.  

Your phone is much more efficient after you customize it to meet your needs right?  Customize QuickBooks reports to make your business reporting more efficient and useful. 

How to Customize QuickBooks reports:

Any report in QuickBooks can be customized by first running the report in QuickBooks.  Then at the top of the report is a row showing basic customization options including: dates, column options and sort options.  You can get much more detailed customization by clicking on the "Modify Report" located on the upper left hand portion of the screen. 

This action displays a box with 4 tabs worth of options.  It takes a little playing around with to figure out which options might be useful in customizing the report they way you want it in order to extract the information you are looking for.   

Make Customized Reporting Efficient:

Customizing reports in QuickBooks the way you want them can be time consuming.  However, once you have the report exactly the way you want it you can save the customized format for future use.  To save the customized report in QuickBooks hit the "Memorize" button also located at the top left hand portion of your reporting screen. 

Now you can give the report a name and also save it in a memorized report group.  You can create a new memorized report group specifically for your reports.  Add as many reports to your group as you want and easily run the report by going to Reports/Memorized Reports/ and selecting your group of reports.  You can even run all of your customized reports at once by selecting Reports/Process Multiple reports and selecting your group of customized reports.

Why customize reports:

You want to create useful customized reports because you are trying to run a successful business.  By taking the time to build a series of customized reports that contain meaningful information you will be able to take your business in the right direction.

Got any other questions on customizing reports?

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