Video QuickBooks Tip: Using QuickBooks Memorized Reports

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Video QuickBooks Tip: Using QuickBooks Memorized Reports

Using QuickBooks memorized reports is a great way to boost your efficiency.  Customizing a report in QuickBooks into a format that is applicable to your business can be time consuming.  The last thing you want to do is remember how to customize the report; it's much easier to memorize the report.  Watch this short video to learn the details of using QuickBooks memorized reports.

How To Customize A QuickBooks Report

You can customize any report in QuickBooks.  Reports are run from the report drop down on the menu bar.  As an example select Company & Financial/Profit & Loss Standard.  In the upper left hand corner you will see a button that says 'modify report.'  Clicking on modify is the way to customize a report in QuickBooks.  You will see four different tabs with various ways to customize the report.  You will have to play around with customizing the report a bit to figure out a way to modify the report into a manner that is applicable to your business and needs.  One modification I like to look at is the previous period and year comparisons and then using both the $ change and % change.  I think many small business owners will find these comparisons useful in making business decisions and forecasts.    

How To Memorize A QuickBooks Report

After you have customized a QuickBooks report just the way you want it you should memorize it for easy access.  Customizing reports specifically to the way you want them can be time consuming and confusing.  You may not even remember exactly how you modified the report to get it to a state that you found useful.  So once you have customized a report specifically to your needs memorize it so you will not have to modify the report each time.  There are several ways to memorize a report: Ctrl + M, Edit/Memorize (from menu bar) or click the 'Memorize' button on the upper left hand side of the screen.  This will pop up a window that allows you to give the report a name and also to save the report in a group if you choose to do so.  

Using The QuickBooks Memorized Report List

I highly recommend using the memorized report list when you save your report.  You can find the memorized report list from the menu bar by selecting Reports/Memorized Reports/Memorized Report List.  You will see all the default report names and reports associated with those groups that QuickBooks automatically has set up.  You can set up a new group by selecting memorized report/new group in the lower left hand corner.  Then just give the new group a name that is meaningful and you are set up to save customized reports to that group name.  When you memorize a report you will see a check box that reads 'save in memorized report group' and it will have a drop down next to it.  You can check the box and save your customized report in a group of your choosing.  When you want to look at a customized report that you have memorized it will be simple and fast.  Simply click on reports/memorized reports/the applicable memorized report group/the applicable memorized report from within that group.  

Using QuickBooks memorized reports is a great tool that you should utilize.  It helps you keep important customized reports in an organized manner that can easily be accessed.  You can then use these customized reports to help you make key business decisions.


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