QuickBooks Tip: Using the Price Level Function

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QuickBooks Tip: Using the Price Level Function

It is not uncommon to have certain customers that you charge different prices to on items you invoice them for.  Maybe they are dealers of your products or wholesalers.  If you are constantly having to customize item prices to certain customers you can save a lot of time in QuickBooks by using the price level function.

Adding a price level:

You can add a price level in QuickBooks by selecting Lists/Price Level List and then hitting Ctrl+N to create a new price level list.  This will bring up a box that will allow you to manipulate the sales prices of all the items you sell.  You can select either Fixed % or by item.  This will allow you to meet the needs of all your customized price levels to your various customers.  You may select a percentage off of your regular price and create separate price level lists for 5%, 10%, 20% off etc.  You may also select the per item option which will allow you to give each item a custom price.  Then you simply give the price level list a name that makes it easy to identify what discount it offers.

Assign the price level list to customers:

You can easily assign price levels to each individual customer so that the prices are automatically adjusted when you create the invoice to a particular customer.  In the customer center select the individual customer you want to assign a price level to and double click on the customer name.  Now select the Additional Info tab and on the right hand side there is a Price Level drop down box.  You can assign the price level list associated with each individual customer.  Now when you create invoices the sales prices will be adjusted automatically.

Creating price level lists and assigning them to customers can save you lots of time if you constantly have to customize invoice prices for certain customers.  As always if you need any help with this or any other QuickBooks function feel free to email me.

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