Video Blog QuickBooks Tip: Emailing Invoices From QuickBooks

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Video Blog QuickBooks Tip: Emailing Invoices From QuickBooks

In this video blog we will show you how to send invoices and statements to your customer directly from QuickBooks.  

Adopting this simple procedure of emailing invoices from QuickBooks will benefit your business in several ways.  Obviously it will save you money on postage but that is not the most important benefit.  Secondly, it will boost your efficiency.  Lastly, and most importantly it will reduce your accounts receivable.  By putting the bill in your customer's hands faster you will collect the bill faster.  You also can follow up on your payment with quick statement reminders from within QuickBooks.  Less AR = more cash flow which is a good thing.

Getting started with emailing invoices from QuickBooks can be broken down into these 3 simple steps:

1.  Changing your QuickBooks Preferences 

The first step is changing your QuickBooks preferences by going to Edit/Preferences/Send Forms.  This step will require that you set up a method of sending email; Web Mail (Yahoo, Gmail etc.), Outlook or QuickBooks email.  We typically recommend linking Outlook to QuickBooks.  However, any method you choose should work fine.  Under the company preferences tab of your Send Forms preference you will find the area where you can edit the standard message that is sent with your various types of forms.  

2.  Marking invoices to be emailed

On the lower left hand side of each invoice you will see two boxes 'To be printed' and 'To be emailed.'  By simply putting a check mark in the 'to be emailed' box your invoice will be put into the queue of forms to be sent.  You can change the preferred send method for each customer to email so that all future invoices for this customer will be automatically marked as to be emailed.  This can be done by going to the customer list and double clicking on the customer you want to change and selecting the additional info tab and then changing the preferred send method.

3.  Send the invoices or statements 

Ok now it's time to get rid of the postman.  The last step in the process is sending the invoices you have marked to be emailed.  In QuickBooks go to File/Send Forms.  This will bring up the list of invoices you have marked as to be emailed.  You can deselect any items you don't want to send at this time.  You can also edit the standard email message to make it a little more personal.  Simply highlight the email you want to edit and click on 'Edit Email' on the right hand side.

Start emailing your invoices from QuickBooks to save time and money.  Adopt this procedure into your bookkeeping system and you will reduce AR and increase cash flow.

Are you emailing your invoices directly from QuickBooks?  Do you want to now?

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