Video QuickBooks Tip: Linking Outlook To QuickBooks

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Video QuickBooks Tip: Linking Outlook To QuickBooks

Linking Microsoft Outlook to QuickBooks can be extremely useful for many businesses.  One huge advantage is that it will save you both time and money with your accounts receivable process, which should increase your cash flow.  Watch this QuickBooks video which demonstrates how to establish a link between Microsoft Outlook and QuickBooks.


Linking Microsoft Outlook and QuickBooks

Linking Microsoft Outlook and QuickBooks is pretty easy and straightforward.  First, you must have Outlook set up on your computer with a valid email account.  Next, from the menu bar go to Edit/Preferences/Send Forms.  This will launch a window with two tabs: my preferences and company preferences.  On the My Preferences tab under 'Send e-mail using': select Outlook.  QuickBooks will automatically close all windows and make the change.  

Changing the Default Email Message for Invoices

You can change the default message that gets emailed with your invoice.  Simply click on the company preferences tab from your preferences/send forms section as described above.  Note that if you are using a multi-user version of QuickBooks you will need to change to single user mode in order to edit any company preferences.  You can now personalize your email message for each item that is capable of being emailed from QuickBooks.  Just select the form that you want to edit the message for, personalize your message and click ok.  The more common types of items that you would want to customize messages for are invoices and statements.  

Sending a QuickBooks invoice or statement using Outlook

Now that you have established a link to Outlook from within QuickBooks and edited your default message you can now send forms directly from QuickBooks.  As an example open an old invoice or create a new invoice.  In the lower left hand corner you will see a box that says 'to be emailed.'  Put a check mark in that box and the message will automatically go into the send forms queue.  Now you can take the final step for sending your invoice by going to File/Send Forms.  This will display another window which will show you all of the forms you have ready to be sent and the message for each form.  You can uncheck any messages and forms that you do not want to send at this time.  You can also further personalize or edit any message at this point one last time before sending it.  In order to edit a message for a particular invoice or form simply highlight the message, click edit email and make any necessary changes.  Once you are done click 'send now' and your message will go into your Microsoft Outlook outbox and eventually to the sent messages folder.  

Benefits of Linking Outlook and QuickBooks

There are many benefits of linking Outlook and QuickBooks.  One obvious benefit is the amount of time you will save by not printing invoices.  You will also save money on postage, paper and envelopes.  However, the biggest benefit that your business will receive is improved business cash flow.  By emailing invoices directly from QuickBooks you will put an invoice into your customer's hands immediately as opposed to waiting several days for them to receive it via mail, enter it in their accounting system and eventually pay it.  You will also be able to easily and quickly follow up on outstanding invoices by emailing statements.  All of these electronic accounts receivable procedures will result in getting paid faster, which will result in a better cash flow position for your business.

Linking Outlook and QuickBooks is a great step for your bookkeeping system.  Your accounts receivable procedures will be more modern, but you will also have a paper trail for your records.  In addition, emailing statements and invoices from QuickBooks will result in getting paid faster.   Getting paid faster means bigger balances in your bank account and not in accounts receivable.  

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