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Success in the Numbers

In order to expand your property, you have to know the numbers. Real Estate accounting and bookkeeping services will help you identify margins by each location. Or even know your projected cash balance in the future. Always know if you can move forward with that deal.

SLC Bookkeeping has helped real estate gurus like you gain solid financial footing through accurate reconciliation, reporting, forecasting and strategic planning. 

Can you afford to invest in another property?

Your books can tell you. We can help you grow.

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Bookkeeping for Real Estate Services

Project consulting for real estate investors

Project Consulting

Get your books reconciled and caught up. Our most basic service to help small businesses that fell behind and need to get caught up.

Monthly reporting for real estate services

Monthly Reporting

Save time and get accurate monthly reports. Base today's decisions on tomorrow's outcome.

Financial forecasting for real estate accounting

Financial forecasting

Our most recommended service to a real estate professional. Take past information to predict the company's financial future.


OUTSOURCED bookkeeping

Numbers aren't the type of running that owners had in mind when they started their business.

Small business growth


Creating the numbers is easy. Understanding them to how they're valuable to you is a whole different story. And can take you to the next level.

Small business mentoring

Small business mentoring

You don't have to worry about planning your financial future alone. Think strategically with a CFO.

Project consulting for real estate accounting

Project Consulting

Does your business need help establishing a payroll system? Perhaps you’re behind on reconciling your bank statements, need better systems or documentation or would like to devise a more effective way to manage your cash flow. Get in touch with SLC Bookkeeping, where our project consultants have the expertise you need to get you where you need to be. Don’t let your business fall behind because of lax controls and reporting — we can help your company establish and maintain basic back office accounting services. Are you a QuickBooks user? We can help — SLC Bookkeeping is a certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor.

Monthly reporting for real estate bookkeeping

Monthly Reporting

Putting a financial system and strong controls in place is only half the battle. Monthly reporting harnesses the power of information and puts it to work for your enterprise. SLC Bookkeeping can help you with, reconciliations, accounts payable and receivable, payroll, cash flow, and budgeting and forecasting. Make better decisions based on accurate and timely reporting that uses real-time financial data. Identify opportunities, anticipate challenges and adjust as necessary so you can keep working toward your goals. It all starts with monthly reporting, and we can help.

Real estate financial forecasting

Financial Forecasting

Want to know where your business will be in six months? How about one year, or five years? SLC Bookkeeping can help. Our financial forecasting professionals put the power of the past to work for your future. We can identify important trends, show what will happen to your bottom line when you play “what if” and help you make realistic decisions — all at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time financial planning professional.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

If you’ve already hired SLC Bookkeeping for our basic bookkeeping services, then you need us for our strategic planning expertise. We’ve helped hundreds of small businesses design financial plans that led to growth through acquisition, funding and more. When you want to take the next step but you’re not sure which way to go, our coaches and consultants can help.


Not quite ready to make a decision?


9 Crucial Benefits of Small Business Financial Reporting

With real estate accounting, you can actually use the numbers to project how much cash you currently have on hand, as well as see if you can afford to pick up another property.

Download these 9 benefits to understand how you can grow your real estate company today.

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