4 Dream Jobs I Will Never Have

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4 Dream Jobs I Will Never Have

GoodBookkeepingJobSLCAt this point in my career I have come to terms with the fact that there are some dream jobs that I will just never have. I consider myself to be a pretty hard worker and if I’m good at what I’m doing that means I’m a productive employee. I was talking to an employee last week and I said, “Do you know what my favorite things to do are? Get up early, go to work, and coffee." Those three traits typically lead me to have productive days. For various reasons I feel that the list of jobs below is what I would love to do but probably never will.

Wide Load Pace Car Driver

This is #1 on my list for a reason; it has always been my dream to be the wide load pace car driver. When I see the wide load pace car driver on the highway paving the way for the actual wide load I’m always struck with jealousy. However, it’s not the driver in front leading the wide load that I want to be; it’s the driver that has to follow the wide load. Why you may ask? Absolutely no responsibility or anything to think about, just follow the wide load. It’s so easy.

I envision myself driving my rusty Subaru Brat with my dog Cooper riding shot gun. The radio blaring some Dead, Creedence or maybe even some Cranberries; depending on my mood. Occasionally I turn the radio down to ask Cooper if his breakfast was good and if he is looking forward to his upcoming dinner and evening walk. Pure bliss, nothing to think about just drive and follow the wide load. And by the way due to growing up in New England I’m an excellent driver. I once was driving my good friend’s wife to the airport and she said, “Wow you are a really fast driver!” Without hesitation I smiled and responded, “Thanks for the compliment.”

Fly Shop Geek

I love getting up early and I love drinking coffee so being an employee at a fly shop is an obvious home run fit. I love, love, love fly fishing and I know lots of stuff about it, or at least think I do. I know all the bugs and I know how to catch fish so that’s a good start. Additionally I love talking to older people and just being folksy, especially when we are talking fly fishing (don’t ask me about spinning or as I call it plunking).

I see myself calling strangers “pal” or “partner” and calling all the locals by their names or nicknames. I also feel I would have some sort of local nickname and I would be regionally semi-famous to all the geeks that are regulars at the shop. I would gladly open the shop every day at 6, start the coffee and bring my lab to work because every fly shop has to have a dog. Again, another home run fit for me.

Ski Patroller and Fly Fishing Guide

If you have read my blog for a while or know me personally you probably know I’m a big skier and fly fisherman. I spend my winters in Utah skiing and my summers in Montana fishing. Skiing is what brought me out West in the first place. Outdoor sports are a large reason that I started my business in the first place; so that I could stay involved with my passion of various outdoor sports. I love skiing and again could train my dog to be an avalanche rescue dog. Additionally I love rowing boats and my dog rides shotgun on the boat as well. Another huge fit.


Ok you are definitely confused at this point. My reason for wanting to be the CEO of the USPS has nothing to do with passion or even for the love of the job. The only reason that I want to be the CEO of the USPS is because I am almost certain that not only would I succeed, but I would excel at this position.

I have a secret formula for the USPS. You know how once a year or so you hear about how rough of shape the USPS is in or how much they lost last quarter? I know how to turn the USPS around. When it comes time to raise the price of postage make your increase more than a penny. Make it a quarter or a buck for all I care. If you have to mail something you have to mail it. I’m definitely not hand delivering a birthday card to my mom from Montana to Maine. In fact it is completely mind blowing to me that I can drop a birthday card in the mail in Montana and it arrives in Maine two days later at a cost of $0.48 or however much a stamp costs these days.

So now for the business lesson. How many people do you think are truly doing their dream jobs? Why do you think most people are not working their dream job? Hmmm makes you think.

The truth is I love my job. I not only love what we do and how we help our clients, but I also love the life it allows me and our employees to live. We are hiring right now and always will be hiring the right people. Help us find them by sending us your referrals for people that want to work with dream makers.

What dream jobs do you have?

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