4 Great Last Minute Gifts For A Bookkeeping Geek

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4 Great Last Minute Gifts For A Bookkeeping Geek

With the holidays fast approaching there tends to be a last minute scramble to find gifts that your friends or loved ones might really enjoy.  Nothing is worse than getting a pair of socks or
something else that easily could have been regifted.  Getting a well thought out gift is the best, it shows the person you gave the holidays some serious thought and planned ahead (even if you waited to the 11th hour).  Here are 4 last minute gifts for that geeky friend of yours that might be a bookkeeper, accountant, or a number loving workaholic in general.  Be prepared to be met with total elation when these gifts are given.  We geeky types get excited pretty easily when something new helps improve efficiency and save time.  

Wireless 10-key

A 10-key is an outsourced bookkeeper's best friend.  Nothing is worse than walking in to a new client's office and seeing that they don't have a 10-key built into the keyboard.  Hen-pecking the top row of numbers is such a pain in the butt and a large waste of time and money.  Help your bookkeeper look like a superstar when they bust out a wireless USB 10-key and get to work.

Travel Monitor

Let's face it, we live in an ever growing paperless world.  Printing statements in order to work on them in QuickBooks is a pain the neck.  Having one monitor just doesn't cut it anymore when trying to reconcile checking accounts, credit card accounts, payroll liabilities, etc.  Much like the 10-key, setting up a travel monitor when in a client's office make any bookkeeper look like a pro.  A USB widescreen 15" monitor is the way to go.  Not having to rely on an outlet for power really helps too.  The travel monitor is also great for geeking out on work while sitting in an airport waiting for your layover.  

Music Subscription

Doing books can sometimes be repetitive and monotonous and nothing could be better to help break up this than music.  An annual subscription to SiriusXM is a great way to tell the bookkeeper in your life that you care about them.   Sirius offers a wide variety of music and talk shows that breaks up the boredom during any long stint staring at a computer.  If they already have their music situation dialed out, then maybe upgrade their headphones to something fancy like the Skullcandy Hesh-2 Rasta so they aren't using the old ones they got when they bought an IPod 1.  

CSV To QBO File Converter

Want to really surprise your bookkeeper?  Get them a file converter that can take CSV files and turn them into importable QuickBooks files called QBO files.  More and more financial institutions are building downloadable QBO files into their online platforms.  However, not all banks and credit cards are fully up to speed with this feature and this can really hinder a bookkeeper's efficiency.  Usually smaller institutions such as credit unions or small local chains don't offer anything as downloadable except CSV files.  I've been using a converter called CSV2QBO for quite some time now and it has worked great.  It took some getting used to, but I haven't regretted this purchase at all.   


Still looking for ideas?  Have you thought about a calendar for their office?  Classy art is the backbone for any office ambiance and a Mo Cheeks calendar is just that, classy.   Any office supply that is a novelty size is always a hit such as a paperclip, letter opener, etc.   Its great making a deposit at the bank and asking the teller to make sure they don't steal your oversized gold plated paperclip.  Happy Holidays!

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