Cut Your Bookkeeping Bill In Half....Or More!

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Cut Your Bookkeeping Bill In Half....Or More!

Many small business owners pay for a full time bookkeeper even though they may not need one.  I think that many business owners feel that they need a full time bookkeeper.  I think some of the reason may be a power trip and others honestly think that a full time person is necessary to keep up on the bookkeeping.  In my experience many small businesses can keep up on their bookkeeping in less than 8 hours per week.  In many cases the job will only take 10-15 hours per month.  I feel that a good full time bookkeeper will cost a business $30,000 - $50,000 per year depending on a number of factors.  What if I told you that you can get an excellent part-time bookkeeper for $5,000 - $15,000 per year just by outsourcing your bookkeeping?  Would you be interested?  If so then read on and I will tell you how.

Commit to change - Your businesses bookkeeping can be done on a part-basis.  Until you say it and believe it you can't act on it.  I feel that many businesses have a full time in house bookkeeper because they always have and they don't like to change things.  The fact is with technological advancements a full time bookkeeper is not necessary for many small businesses.

Stop being an ass - I knew this would get your attention.  What I mean is stop putting your bookkeeping on the back burner.  Work with your bookkeeper or bookkeeping service to streamline the processes.  When something is asked of you that will help make the bookkeeping process more efficient make the time to get it done.  When people ask about our rates my simple answer is "It depends on how much of a pain in the ass you are going to be."  That typically gets their attention and makes them want to figure out how to be as little of a pain as possible so I can offer them an affordable rate.   

Go remote - Allowing your bookkeeper to work remotely will not only save you money but it will boost productivity and make your bookkeeping system more efficient.  We service over 20 clients ALL of which we have remote access to their accounting systems.  Our clients know they can reach out to us 24/7, 365 days a year to get an answer to a question or to get a bookkeeping task done.

Go part-time - You will save on wages, benefits etc.  I'm certain that many bookkeeping jobs can be done in less than 40 hours per week.  The challenge can be finding an individual or bookkeeping service that fits your particular needs.  

Want to explore the possibility of part-time outsourced bookkeeping?  Want a free quote?  Here is my proposal: we handle the bookkeeping for your business for the first week for free, and then we will give you a monthly quote.  No obligations.

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An Affordable Bookkeeping Alternative to a CFO

Outsourcing your bookkeeping is more affordable than you would think. We save you money the moment you hire us by cutting out the expensive cost of hiring an in-house CFO.

Working with a remote bookkeeping service will still provide you with all the value you could get from an in-office bookkeeper but at a fraction of the cost.

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