River Runoff and Business Sales

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River Runoff and Business Sales

Yep, it's that time of year again where I am going to draw a lot of correlations between fishing and business.  Fishing is what I am doing a lot of now, any time I get out of the office you can bet I am on the river fishing.  What happens when the river changes making fishing extremely difficult?  What happens in your business when times become tough?  Are they related and what can we learn from each?  

Runoff is a tough time for the fly fisherman.  Just prior to runoff is a glorious time.  The weather is nice again after a long winter.  The fish are eager to the fly as they also had a long winter.   And then it happens...the snow begins to melt in the high country causing the rivers to rage.  The rivers rise to dangerous levels, the water becomes muddy and unclear and many consider the river unfishable until runoff is over.  What can you do?  Maybe the same things you do when business sales get tough.

Prepare for the future

Many fly fisherman head to the vice and tie flies.  They deem the river "not worth their time."  This is certainly one approach.  Sometimes the best thing to do is prepare for the future.  When business sales become tough sometimes it is wise to look to the future and prepare for when the conditions become better

Find a prospect

Preparation is not going to be my #1 choice as I want to be out there looking all the time.  I like the challenge of tough conditions; I think it makes you a better fisherman or businessman.  Someone gave me some great advice this season: the fish are still there.  Somewhere the fish are in the river and they are eating something, they have to in order to survive.  The same thing is true in the business world.  When sales seem scarce and tough they are still there for the taking, at least in some form.  Prospects, much like fish in tough conditions, are there and they will take something that they want and need that is presented to them in a desirable manner. 

Network to find out what everyone else is doing

It's the number one question during runoff: "Been fishing?"  Everyone wants to know where, when and how you are catching fish in such tough conditions.  Now let's get back to the business world.  When conditions get tough sometimes running through your network will provide some leads and possible sales.

The easiest thing to do during tough conditions is to not try...anyone can do that.  However, by making a plan and giving your best effort you can still succeed in tough conditions.  Those successes during very difficult conditions may become some of your most memorable accomplishments and will also ensure future success when conditions become favorable again.

Want to talk business or fishing?  Hit me up.


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