SLC Bookkeeping is Hiring; What we Look for from Employees

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SLC Bookkeeping is Hiring; What we Look for from Employees

Jobs at SLC BookkeepingSLC Bookkeeping is hiring at all times of the year because we are always looking for top talent. If you are a good cultural fit and have the right skills chances are we have a job for you. In an economy that still seems challenging for many people to find a good job we are thankful to be in a position to hire. We are also proud to offer competitive jobs, employee benefits and perks, and the ability to provide small business jobs in our local community. So what do we at SLC Bookkeeping look for in a new employee?

Good Cultural Fit

A strong business culture is one of the keys to scaling a small business. Many business owners underestimate the importance of culture. A business culture cannot be defined, but rather it is influenced and formed naturally. I can't write down the culture of our business and hand it out to employees, nor can I completely control what our business culture is. However, I can influence it through our core values, training and the way we operate.

We seek employees that are passionate about something in their lives other than work.

QuickBooks Skills

You need to have incredible QuickBooks skills to work with SLC Bookkeeping. If you consider yourself a QuickBooks wizard, guru or any other tag you want to throw on it, then you may be a good fit. However, we will know on day one if you over stated your competency in QuickBooks. If you are a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor then that is a huge plus.

However, practical small business QuickBooks experience is the most important thing to us. If you have bookkeeping experience working with several different companies at once that is huge. You need to be proficient with QuickBooks reconciling, downloading transactions, and financial reporting just to name a few things. In general you need to be fluid in all aspects of QuickBooks.

We seek highly experienced QuickBooks professionals that are clearly pros with the program.

College Education

We look for candidates that have a college education. We require a minimum of a four year college degree in Business, but we prefer a major in Finance or Accounting. 

A four year college degree is a requirement.

Bookkeeping Experience

We need employees that have a ton of small business bookkeeping experience. If you have worked for a bookkeeping service in the past or run your own consulting service you are probably going to have an edge.

If you have experience doing bookkeeping for several different businesses at once then that is a big plus. You will eventually have a work load doing bookkeeping for approximately 20-30 different businesses. This requires you to work independently and efficiently. We need employees to be able to manage their own schedule and show humility to meet the needs of our clients and the company. It is fast paced and stressful at times, but also very fun and rewarding.

You need lots of small business bookkeeping experience, preferably doing bookkeeping for many different businesses at once.

Small Business Savvy

We hire employees that are small business savvy. We are not low level bookkeepers, we are financial controllers. Data entry is part of the job, but only a very small part. We focus more on acting as a CFO for our clients. We focus on financial reporting and showing our clients how they can use their bookkeeping system as a tool to grow their business. 

We act more like a business partner rather than a service provider for our clients.

Organized and Accountable

You have to be incredibly organized to make a good bookkeeper. I often joke that our interview should be to walk a candidate into an office that is a complete mess. Then close the door and leave. If I come back 20 minutes later and the office is not in order then you don't get the job. Obviously it doesn't work that way but the point is you need to be anal and organized. We require employees to manage their own clients and schedule. That takes a lot of juggling and you need to be organized. 

Accountability is a recurring theme for us and is definitely one of our core values. We believe that everyone involved with our business needs to be accountable to one another. Employees need to be accountable to the management team, co-workers, our business network and clients. However, employees should expect to hold all of those people accountable as well.

It is absolutely crucial to be organized and accountable.

Manage Yourself

You need to be able to work independently and manage your time. We let employees set their own schedule (within certain parameters). In order to serve so many different clients we need to offer our employees a certain degree of independence. We need them to manage their own schedule to get the job done. 

You need to be a self-starter that is good at working independently and has the ability to manage their time well.

Whatever it Takes Attitude

We get the job done no matter what it takes. If you like to punch the clock and work your 9-5 you probably won't be a good fit. If you are willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done then you will do well. That doesn't mean working 80 hour weeks. It means that you if you are given flexibility and the ability to run your own schedule then you understand there are times you need to work extra hard. If you can take a half day off on a whim then you understand that there are other times when you will have to put in extra hours to complete a project.

WIT. A whatever it takes attitude to get the job done no matter what.

Desire to Grow Internally

Lastly, we always hire employees that want to grow with us internally. I often ask candidates what they really want to do with their career. If you are able to contribute at a higher level what interests do you have? Sales? Marketing? Management? Business Processes? HR? We require that all employees start as a general bookkeeper and learn the operations of the business. Additionally even if employees have other roles in the business WE ALL still do some general bookkeeping operations. Learning and staying involved with the operations makes you better at whatever role you decide to take on. If you are going to sell our services you first need to fully understand our operations. 

You have to understand as a small business owner I am constantly trying to fire myself from certain positions and replace myself with someone smarter. That may sound ridiculous to you but it is how we grow. Therefore, we are looking to hire candidates that have good potential to move up internally in the business. 

A desire to move up within the business is huge.

So you think you have what it takes to work for us? Apply.



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