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[Slideshare] Do-it-Yourself Bookkeeping Guide

Posted by Austin Walker on Oct 28, 2015 7:30:00 AM

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Starting a small business or restaurant can be challenging.  Especially when it comes to keeping up with your books.  At SLC Bookkeeping, we highly recommend keeping your own books with QuickBooks for at least a while, so that as an owner, you can understand how the finances in your business work and have a better understanding of financial statements.  Once you've become bogged down with work and don't have time to focus on the growth of your business, it's time to actually outsource your bookkeeping and get on with what's important.

Until the day you're able to outsource your bookkeeping, here's a guide to do-it-yourself bookkeeping.  It will outline the more simple steps that can be taken to make life easier in both the short- and long-run.  These steps are great for yoga studios, restaurants, and small businesses that have just started.  Click through the slides below:Blog Slideshare
Not everyone is going to be able to pick up Quickbooks at the same speed.  It can be easy for some and challenging for others.  Don't lose patience, it is something that can most definitely be learned.
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