Why Working For A Small Business Is Better Than Corporate America

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Why Working For A Small Business Is Better Than Corporate America

Work_For_A_Small_Business_Or_CorporationMoving to Utah from Vermont was an opportunity for me to launch my career as a young professional. With an Accounting Degree in my back pocket, I came to a crossroads that I think many people have encountered before. In front of me were two offers: one from SLC Bookkeeping, a small but growing company, and another from Goldman Sachs, one of the giants of the investment banking world and the epitome of Corporate America. After putting a lot of thought into it, I passed up a hefty paycheck and being able to put the Goldman Sachs experience on my resume. And let me tell you, after that I have never looked back, because working for a growing small business rules. 

The Small Business Team Never Stops

Being a part of a small business team, I have developed more skills and learned more about the wide scope of operations, rather than being pigeon-holed into learning a lot about one specific role. Corporate America looks for workers to fit a specific job description, and wants only for them to be the best at that one specific role. I have had the opportunity to dabble in many roles, here at SLC Bookkeeping. Our open office concept allows us to easily exchange ideas, and I have learned so much just by getting instant feedback on my questions. A small business team doesn't have all of the support staff that a large corporation does. All of the employees of a small business work as a team to achieve the overall objectives. This in turn gives employees the opportunity to try out different positions, and even further, doesn't mean sticking to the job description.

Exposure to Range of Companies and Industries 

I have the opportunity to work with 20-30 small businesses in variety of industries, in various stages of growth. Working for SLCB has exposed me to a wide range of client types from bookkeeping for yoga studios to medical practices. These are, as you can imagine, vastly different industry types, with differing business structures and varying personality types.

I collaborate with business owners in all different stages of their business' growth and experience levels. Every business has their unique strengths and weaknesses, and being able to interact with all of these different types of people has given me some insight into the various definitions and methods of success. Small business owners aren't necessarily cookie cutter business people, with a closet full of suits. I get to work with interesting people, who have gotten to where they are via a wide variety of paths. 

I get to analyze the business transactions on the smallest scale and make connections to how they fit into their industry's greater web. And these experiences have taught me more about business than I imagine I could have learned working as a financial analyst for a mega investment bank. 

The Takeaway

I would work for a small business over Corporate America any day, because it is actually rewarding. Whether it be in my career or life overall, I am always looking to learn as much as I can, to get the most out of every experience. Being part of a small business team enables me to give the most I have to offer. Taking a job with a company that has space to grow gave me the opportunity to see my hard work paying off in dividends. Every day, I get to see the successes and failures of businesses; my experiences provide me with a unique perspective on what it really takes on an inter-company, industry level to run a business full-circle. This is a holistic perspective I don't think I would have gained working for Goldman Sachs.

Have you ever made a choice between working for a corporation and a small business? What was your experience?

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