[Infographic] Working for a Small Business vs. Corporate America 

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[Infographic] Working for a Small Business vs. Corporate America 

Working for a growing small business rules.  There are some things, like an open office environment, a great work-life balance, and working with multiple clients that help create satisfaction within the multiple roles someone must have to play in order to help the company succeed.

Check out the infographic to decide for yourself whether you're more fit for a role in a corporation or small business:

Small Biz

Corporate America looks for workers to fit a specific job description, and wants workers to be the best at that one specific role. They're stuck to creating efficiency over an environment that spurs creativity.

It's not untypical to work with 20-30 small businesses in a variety of industries, in various stages of growth or to collaborate with business owners in all different stages of their business' growth and experience levels.

Overall, creating a great workspace decreases overall stress on the team and eventually increases the bottom line.  If you're looking for a new job, small business is the way to go!


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