QuickBooks Icon Bar: Customize It For Efficiency

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QuickBooks Icon Bar: Customize It For Efficiency

One of the first things I do when I start a new client's bookkeeping is to customize the Icon Bar. The Icon Bar is located just below the menu bar in QuickBooks.  The bar contains several useful Icons, but it can be customized to add other functions that are used often in QuickBooks.  You can add, delete and move items on the Icon Bar by right clicking anywhere on the Icon Bar and selecting "Customize Icon Bar."  Here is a list of what I would add to your Icon Bar.

1.  Find Transactions - this is by far my most frequently used Icon.  It is a quick way to quickly find a transaction in QuickBooks that you don't necessarily have all the information on.  I use this function so often and in so many different ways that I will be posting a separate blog on this function alone. 

2.  Enter Bills and Write Checks - I use both of these frequently.  In a bookkeeping role a recurring event is someone dropping a bill or check on your desk to be entered.  Having these functions nearby will prove very handy.

3.  Create Invoices - if your business invoices a lot of customers you will certainly want this on your Icon Bar.

4.  Help - unless you are a complete pro with QuickBooks and bookkeeping you will need some help at one time or another.

5.  Backup - I backup my QuickBooks files often.  Typically any time I do anything (or at least a significant amount of work) I backup.  It only takes a few seconds and can save lots of time and aggravation down the road if something goes wrong.  You can also set your backup options from this shortcut.

You will find that QuickBooks comes with some default icons on your Icon Bar from the first time you open it.  Some users will find some of these relevant and irrelevant.  Delete what you don't use as you can always add it back on later.  I would recommend keeping the first six default icons as they are used frequently.  Those icons are: Home, Company Snapshot, Customer Center, Vendor Center, Employee Center and Online Banking. 

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