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Video Blog QuickBooks Tip: Customizing the QuickBooks Icon Bar

Posted by Matt Roberge on Jul 17, 2012 8:43:00 AM

In our 3 minute QuickBooks video blog below we will show you:

  • how to customize the QuickBooks icon bar
  • some suggestions for your QuickBooks icon bar
  • why you should customize your icon bar

How to Customize your QuickBooks Icon Bar

The process of customizing your QuickBooks icon bar is actually quite simple.  As demonstrated in our video you simply right click on the icon bar and click customize icon bar.  You can then delete and add items as needed.  

Our suggestions for customization

Backup Data - you should regularly backup your QuickBooks file

Calculator - it's always nice to have one handy

Chart of Accounts - your chart of accounts at your fingertips will prove invaluable 

Enter Bills - quick shortcut to lower that stack of bills and get them off of your desk

Write Checks - makes cutting checks a breeze

Find Transactions - one of the most valuable functions to add to your icon bar 


Why to customize your icon bar?

The main reason to customize your QuickBooks icon bar is efficiency.  As you start using the program with more frequency you will realize which functions you are using most often.  It will help to add some of these functions (if you can) to your icon bar to increase your efficiency with using the program.  It's all about efficiency baby!

Did this video help you?  What QuickBooks icon shortcuts do you find most useful?

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