10 Similarities between Fly Fishing and Business Sales

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10 Similarities between Fly Fishing and Business Sales

I had a tough day this week; so I went fishing to clear my head.  It got me thinking about how much fishing helps my business sales.  So here is my top ten list of the similarities between fishing and sales:

1.  Presentation is one of the most important factors that will lead to success.

2.  Don't rush it; observing and asking questions is the best approach.

3.  Offering up something slightly different and better than your competitors will increase your success.


4.  Negativity never leads to anything good.

5.  You should never stop asking questions of your prospects, clients and colleagues.

6.  Education and experience are the keys to a successful career.

7.  Everyone has bad days.  True professionals never give up and continue to put themselves out there every day. 

8.  There is as much to be learned from failures as there is from successes.

9.  Knowing where your prospects hang out is very important. 

10.  If you are not having fun it may be time to quit for the day.  If this is a long-term recurring problem it may be time to switch professions or retire.

As a salesman or a fisherman do any of those items ring true with you? 

Any additional similarities you can draw?

It's a Friday and I've got the itching to work on my trout conversions.  Have a good weekend.




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