Developing Great Leaders: The Human Workplace Perspective

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Developing Great Leaders: The Human Workplace Perspective

Developing Great Leaders The Human Workplace PerspectiveWhat does it mean to have a “human” workplace? In the past, it wasn’t uncommon for employees to feel like just a cog in the wheel of the company.

They were just numbers, and their performance didn’t matter beyond just getting the job done on time. Today, times are changing faster than we would have thought possible in the past. 

In a world where it’s increasingly challenging to find top talent, it’s time for a shift in culture. Now, instead of just creating great workers who get the job done, it’s about creating great leaders.

Leaders in the workplace come in all shapes and sizes. They take the initiative on projects both large and small, and they’re an asset to any company.

What Does It Mean to Be a Leader in the Workplace?

First, we need to define what exactly it means to be a leader in the modern workplace. Remember, we’re talking about human workplaces.

Places where it’s about humans, making a difference, and increasing value. It’s not just about meeting deadlines and checking arbitrary boxes on a never-ending to-do list. 

Being a leader to some people might mean having the best office or making the most money, but that’s not what it should mean today. Leaders are people who are confident,   thinkers, and problem solvers. They know both the “how” and the “why,” and they don’t just talk the talk. 

The real difference is that leaders create more leaders, they don’t just create followers. Real leaders provide valuable mentorship and learning opportunities, and they know the value of growth within the company. 

How Workplaces Can Attract More Leaders

All of this is great said in passing, but how do you actually achieve a leader-driven workplace? How do you attract more leaders and encourage more growth with your existing employees? As you might expect, it starts with hiring. 

HR representatives and hiring managers are at the foundation of this process. There needs to be a shift in not only how we’re hiring but also who we’re hiring. 

First, the hiring process is more complex than ever. A startling 74% of recruiters think hiring is becoming more competitive. Finding the right candidates means knowing how to accurately represent your company and the position, and also finding the best way way to discover them. A great system for weeding out the best candidates is an Applicant Tracking Systems. Learn more about it here -  

Aside from simply attracting the best candidates in the first place, you need to know how to discover leaders. Leaders might not necessarily be the most well-spoken or the most experienced. Leadership is sometimes quiet and humble. 

There’s often a temptation to go with the most charming candidates since this might lead to you believe these are natural leaders. Instead, look for natural problem solvers and those comfortable working with others in a productive way. 

While these might have been considered “soft skills” of the past, they’re in higher demand than ever before. Once you find these candidates, make sure you create a workplace culture that’s built around humanity and boosting each other. 

Focusing on the Workplace Perspective

It’s time to welcome a new era in the workplace. We’re beyond thinking of ourselves as numbers that are dispensable within an organization. Your employees should be a part of a team working for the same goal. Ask yourself honestly if you’re working in a human workplace? Is there room for more leadership growth?

The world needs more leaders, not followers. The right thinkers and leaders will bring change in an organization, and this is how you stay competitive moving forward in this market. Are you ready for a change?

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