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Four Communication Secrets That Will Improve Your Business Relationships

Posted by Leanne Armstrong on Jul 17, 2019 9:00:00 AM

Improving your internal and external business relationships can give you a powerful edge. But that doesn’t mean you need a talent for sparkling conversation to get ahead. The truth is our collective brains are hardwired to promote successful interpersonal interactions. So, once you’ve learned a few basic communication secrets, you’ll be primed to make the most of all your business connections.

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Developing Great Leaders: The Human Workplace Perspective

Posted by Matt Roberge on Jul 9, 2019 7:33:08 AM

What does it mean to have a “human” workplace? In the past, it wasn’t uncommon for employees to feel like just a cog in the wheel of the company. They were just numbers, and their performance didn’t matter beyond just getting the job done on time. Today, times are changing faster than we would have thought possible in the past. 

In a world where it’s increasingly challenging to find top talent, it’s time for a shift in culture. Now, instead of just creating great workers who get the job done, it’s about creating great leaders. Leaders in the workplace come in all shapes and sizes. They take the initiative on projects both large and small, and they’re an asset to any company.

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How to Succeed as an Introverted Entrepreneur

Posted by Leanne Armstrong on May 15, 2019 9:00:00 AM

Do you consider yourself an introvert? More importantly, have you fallen into the trap of believing that your introverted tendencies are interfering with your business success? If so, prepare to have your confidence boosted. Because the reality is that succeeding as an entrepreneur is no less doable as an introvert than it is as an extrovert. In fact, most studies show that introverts make better leaders.

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24 Hours To Improving Your Leadership Skills

Posted by Matt Roberge on Nov 23, 2016 9:00:00 AM

For the small business owner, leadership skills are not just a nice-to-have, they’re an integral part of running a successful company - whether you’re responsible for one employee or one hundred. Managing others and actually leading them however, while often confused for the same thing, are two very different talents. We can’t all be natural born leaders, but we can learn to develop the skill set that defines one.

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6 Characteristics Of Amazing Small Business Leaders

Posted by Matt Roberge on Jan 28, 2016 8:45:00 AM

If you want to be an amazing small business leader, you need to develop certain skills. However, there are some characteristics that all great business leaders have. Here is my advice on what six items you should be working on to become a great small business leader.

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Small Business Owners What Management Type Are You?

Posted by Matt Roberge on Aug 6, 2014 7:00:00 AM

I remember a conversation with my dad years ago where we were discussing different small business management styles. He said, "There are three different management approaches that people take in small business; financial, operations and sales. None of them are correct or incorrect they are just different approaches." I can't say that this was the exact quote but it was along those lines. Years later after working as a part-time controller for hundreds of different businesses I totally get it. I have seen all sorts of different management styles in lots of different businesses; let's take a look at these three.

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Small Business Lessons From A 100 Mile River Trip

Posted by Matt Roberge on Jun 20, 2014 7:00:00 AM

I was lucky enough to get invited on a seven day 100+ mile river float last week.  I've only floated the middle fork of the Salmon once before in my life.  It's one of those trips that is tough to come by so when you get the opportunity you hop on it.  If you ever float any part of the Salmon River I would recommend checking out Sawtooth Adventure Company.  I didn't use Sawtooth this time because I was on a private trip with some other people.  When you are floating over a hundred miles you have a lot of time to think.  Additionally things come up both positive and negative.  The entire trip is a great experience, but it is also full of lessons for your small business.

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Great Business Ideas Shouldn't Be About Making Money

Posted by Matt Roberge on Jun 4, 2014 7:00:00 AM

Great business ideas should not initially be about making money.  Wait a second; what? Being in business is all about making money and profits is it not? I think this question is best answered by a great Simpsons quote by Reverend Lovejoy: "short answer yes with an if, long answer no with a but."  Okay I'm probably not making much sense right now but your business idea initially can't be all money driven.  Think about the last time you had a great idea for a new business or product.  Within a minute didn't you start thinking about a buying a new huge house, a fancy car, or travelling? I think that when most people come up with a great idea they skip right to the end result without thinking about all the hard work in between.  So, like I said in the beginning if you have a great idea let's not worry about making money right away.

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Successful Entrepreneurs Know How To Pivot

Posted by Matt Roberge on May 5, 2014 7:00:00 AM

If you are a basketball player you know what it means to pivot.  Successful entrepreneurs know how to pivot.  The dictionary definition of pivot is: the action of turning around on a point.  When a basketball player has already dribbled and picked up the ball he often finds himself pivoting keeping one foot stationary.  Why, what is he doing? Well he is looking for help; he is looking for a way to continue to his goal of scoring a basket.  He thought he was going the right way and then found an obstacle. He'll now uses his skills to continue on towards his goal of scoring a basket.  It's the same concept in business.  Often you come across an obstacle when you are on the path to your goal and it becomes necessary to pivot in order to reach your goal.  

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5 Qualities Of Outstanding Small Business Leaders

Posted by Matt Roberge on Feb 28, 2014 7:00:00 AM

Through working with hundreds of different small businesses I meet a lot of different types of leaders.  Some business leaders are good, some bad and some are flat out outstanding.  What separates a good leader from a great one? This is a tough question to answer with many different opinions on the matter.  Here is what I think are the five main qualities of outstanding small business owners.

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