Do You "Like" a Business Just Because They Ask?

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Do You

Everywhere you go you see signs asking you to "Like us on Facebook."  I guess I don't get it.  Why should I like you just because you are asking me to?  Have you done anything for me?  Also, why are you asking me?  Why do I hate to be asked to like someone or something?  I'm glad you asked: 

1. It's not natural. It seems to me that liking someone or something happens naturally over time based upon interactions, what you say and how you say it. Have you ever gone to a party, met someone new and the first thing out of your mouth was "do you like me?" Of course not, you interact with them and let the friendship develop naturally.

2. You seem desperate. By asking for people or businesses to like you that have never met you, you are coming off desperate.  To me desperation stinks of weakness. 

3. Give me something and let me decide if I like you.  I want to get to know you as a person or business first.  I want to see what you offer and how you present it.  After I observe you for a while and interact with you I will come to a conclusion as to whether I like you or not.  The more you ask me to like you along the way the less likely I am to actually like you.

4.  Not everyone likes each other.  I don't like everyone or every business and likewise I know not everyone likes me.  If you can't accept that not everyone is going to like you along the way in life I don't think you are being realistic.

Did I miss the mark or do you agree with me?  I just think everyone follows the trends without even paying attention to what they are doing.

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