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[Infographic] Is Your Bookkeeper Stealing? How to Know...

Posted by Austin Walker on Nov 4, 2015 7:00:00 AM

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Accountability for cash flow is normally given to one person: your bookkeeper. In general, that gives them an opportunity to have a hand in different transactions that would make it easy to take cash from a business. However, there are some really simple steps that a small business owner can take to prevent such disaster. Not only that, but it can keep an owner or partner involved in a business on a regular basis, so that they always have a finger on the pulse of the business. This short infographic is a simple guide to how to balance a bookkeeper. If nothing else, it keeps a person away from temptation.




Just keeping up with these few steps can help implement a check and balance with your bookkeeper, ensure that transactions are being entered correctly, and that the business owner is learning what their financials and transactions mean. A partner or business owner who watches their finances is more likely to make it.  

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